New Updates to Alpha Finance Lab Sees ALPHA Surge

Like its famous promise that those familiar with the project would recognize, Alpha Finance Lab aims to “maximize returns while minimizing risk for users.” The project aims to address the overlooked demands in DeFi in a user-friendly way. To fulfill its promise to users, the project just introduced staking, simplified farming, and a launchpad for new blockchain projects.

Alpha Finance Lab token, $ALPHA, hit a new monthly high on July 7th, of $0.93, after being affected by the general market downtrend, to a low of $0.30. The surge in price is likely attributed to the introduction of new upgrades to the Alpha Finance Lab project, specifically the upgrades and additions to the Alpha Universe; Alpha Homora V2, Alpha X, and Alpha Launchpad.

Let’s take a quick look at how each update helps the project take a step towards achieving its objective.

Alpha Universe

Alpha Universe is an Alpha ecosystem that brings together all Alpha Finance Lab products that inter-operate to maximize profit and reduce risks for users. Other ecosystems incorporated into the Alpha Launchpad incubator program will also feature in Alpha Universe.

In summary, they developed Alpha Universe to encourage organizations, promote the interoperation of products, and, most notably, bring maximum value to ALPHA.

Alpha Homora V2

As part of the Alpha Finance Lab vision to seek inefficiencies in the DeFi industry and capitalize on them to bring value to its users, Alpha Homora V2 is the linchpin. Alpha Homora V2 fuels partnerships and integration on the Alpha finance network, promotes usage, adoption, and maximum value to the $ALPHA token.

In summary, Alpha Homora V2 works on partnerships that increase yields to more communities and provide more options for users to generate more gains.


AlphaX is quite distinct from every other swap project in the crypto market. AlphaX is a non-order book new swap product that will enable users to leverage long or short positions of any crypto asset without holding the asset.

Because of the novelty of the AlphaX product in the crypto market, the Alpha Finance Lab is working on a simple UI/UX design that will enable users to understand and use it effortlessly.

Alpha Launchpad

Alpha Launchpad is the next piece to drive growth at Alpha Finance Lab, promote developer mind-share in DeFi, and improve the quality of DeFi products. With the Alpha Launchpad, the Alpha team will help DeFi projects fine-tune ideas to strengthen the DeFi products in the market. Also, selected DeFi projects will be selected through screening to work with the Alpha team to develop and improve their protocols.

With this latest update addition to the Alpha Finance project, the Alpha team is working on fulfilling the promises to their users. It’s no surprise the market is reacting positively to the Alpha Finance updates.

More about the upgrades can be found on the Alpha Finance Lab Medium post here;

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