New type of Yield Farm LazyMint introduces its first ILO SpaceZOO

On Binance Smart Chain, LazyMint is a new form of Yield Farm with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition combined with Delegated Farming.


On Binance Smart Chain, LazyMint is a new form of Yield Farm with Automatic Liquidity Acquisition combined with Delegated Farming, Harvest Lock, and Anti-Whale. To demonstrate their concern for the community, they run one of the largest Korean DeFi communities.



There are valid reasons why anonymity is a problem in the DeFi arena. Regulations are ambiguous, developers do not want their personal lives invaded, and artists do not want their public character to jeopardize the success of a decentralized project that should be governed by its community. An anonymous team with no credibility or expertise, on the other hand, raises warning flags.

LazyMint is supported by a large community. LazyMint listens to its users and collaborates with the worldwide community to establish an ecosystem.

Delegate Farming Burning

Earned yields from delegated farming will be used to purchase back and burn LAZY.

Automatic Liquidity

Each LAZY token transaction will be subject to a 5% transfer tax. The contract will automatically add 4% of the tax to the liquidity pool in order to boost the price ground continually. The liquidity will be locked and unavailable.

Automated Burning

After allocating 4 percent of the transfer tax from each LAZY token transfer to automated liquidity acquisition, the remaining 1 percent will be burnt immediately.

Harvest Lockup

Harvest lockup is a one-of-a-kind rewards lockup technique that is used to control the frequency of harvesting. It is intended to keep agricultural arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping.

The initial harvest lockup will begin as soon as cultivation begins.

Referral Program

To encourage users to ask friends to join the farming, an on-chain referral scheme has been established. Invitees can earn 2% of their friends’ profits in perpetuity.

No Migrator Code

The MasterChef contract’s migrator code has been deleted.


At launch, the timelock was implemented.

Initial LAZY Offering 

Using LAZY-BUSD LP tokens, purchase fresh tokens.

The BSUD is awarded to the project.

LAZY tokens are burned by LazyMint.

You receive fresh tokens.

To participate, you must have LAZY-BUSD LP tokens.

If the whole $1,000,000 USD allotment is raised, then $500,000 of LAZY tokens will be burnt.

Before sale

Buy LAZY and BUSD tokens

Get LAZY-BUSD LP tokens by adding LAZY and BUSD liquidity

During sale

While the sale is live, commit your LAZY-BUSD LP tokens to buy the ILO tokens at


When the sale is complete, claim the ILO tokens you’ve bought. Your unspent funds will also be sent back to you.

In the case of an overflow you can unstake your remaining LAZY-BUSD LP tokens.

Token Information

Token Name: LazyMint

Token Symbol: $LAZY

Token Address: 0xf4308ae29c84238f3386c01d3cf6266ac6939ade

Masterchef Contract: 0x46A35829d0a45f5221F211efD7de8591De2527ce

5% Transfer Tax

4% of transfer tax will be added to the LP pool and locked

1% of transfer tax will be burned right away

Launching Details

Deposit Start: Thursday, Jun 3rd, 2021, 11:30:00 AM UTC

Farming Start: Thursday, Jun 3rd, 2021, 13:30:00 PM UTC (2hours after Deposit Start)

Farming Start Block: #7975650


Initial Price: $0.2

Initial LP Supply(LP will be added as below and burn on PCS when deposit opens)

Initial Liquidity Supply- Thursday, Jun 3rd, 2021, 11:00:00 ~ 11:30:00 UTC

50,000 LAZY — 10,000 BUSD

50,000 LAZY — 24 BNB (Equivalent value of $10,000, quantity may vary)

Farms and Pools:

LazyMint’s First ILO: SpaceZOO

ILO Date: Jun 16th, 2021


SpaceZoo is a community-driven meme coin built on gamified collectable NFT that aims to be completely decentralized.

Its purpose is to develop an ecosystem for multiple meme tokens, including one that does not already exist. There have been many meme tokens developed, and the market has developed significantly, but there is no framework that can support them in creating true value and price stability.

SpaceZoo would tie not only numerous meme tokens, but also all other current cryptocurrencies under partnership in order to produce value through gamified NFT and artwork platform.

SpaceZOO Astronauts

SpaceZoo astronauts are supported in their efforts by skilled and experienced design, marketing, and development teams lead by the core members, Space Panda and Space Giraffe.

Because SpaceZoo is a decentralized initiative, the team will proceed with various finances for development and marketing in order to move the business forward.

Following the ILO, SpaceZoo will distribute all tokens in different methods, including CEX listing, and lock the original LP to become a 100% DAO with Fully Rug-Proof Tokenomics. LazyMint anticipates becoming lazier with Panda and Giraffe!

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