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In Sandman Finance, NFTs are the backbone of the platform ownership and therefore the decision process.

And the way to participate in this DAO.

Our NFTs are composed by various skills, as shown here.

One of the skill is “Experience”, that starts at 0. And get increased as each community member uses this card.

This New SandmanDAO strategy consists in reading the “Experience” skill of each NFT that the wallet owner has, and applying the following logic:

  1. If the NFTs has 0 “Experience”, then it’s vote value is 1.
  2. IF the NFTs has more than 0 “Experience”, then the vote value equals the 1 + and extra value of the experience.
    The extra value is the experience value of the card divided in 100.
    Example: If your NFT has 2273 value of experience, then your vote score will be 1 + 22.73 = 23.73
  3. IF the wallet has multiple NFTs. then the vote value is the sum of all NFTs.


The goal here is give active community members a prize on their involvement in the project.

If you use your NFT more in our platform, you’ll get better vote score. You’ll have more desicion over the platform.

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