New Star GameFi Project, “The Lost Throne,” Is Launching Alpha Testing

The Lost Throne (TLT) is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) supported NFT GameFi mobile game.

What is TLT? 

Being designed and developed over 3 years, TLT is a blockchain TCG game that Shiva Gaming has been working on since 2019, adding an NFT, token system, and P2E rewarding mechanism to the game ecosystem, allowing players to experience a whole new sense of TCG gaming.

TLT’s worldview consists of 4 races, namely Humans, Elves, The Undead, and The Demons. Each character of each race is a unique NFT card. In this free land of the battle for the throne victory, the battle for points between the races stretches out to make up the metaverse world of The Lost Throne.

TLT has 2 modes of combat, PVP and PVE. Currently, only the PVP is available, and the PVE mode will be opened after the PVP mode is upgraded.

The first step to experiencing the world of TLT is “role-playing.” This is a two-player TCG where the player is the supreme commander, and the cards are the generals loyal to the player. The game begins with both players using a deck of at least 50 but no more than 80 cards, splitting into three groups on a crisscrossed battlefield and breaking through to the direction of their opponent.

How to Play TLT? 

Unlike other NFT games where players need to spend money on NFTs to qualify for participation, TLT only requires the L-Key to enter the gates of this mysterious world of thrones and play PVP throne battles to win cashable tokens and NFTs. 

Once both players have entered the game with their pre-selected cards of “characters,” the game is ready to be experienced.

Stage 1: Play or Call 

On their respective turns, both players add the top card to their hand and decide whether to play or summon their cards.

Stage 2: Choose Routes

Both players swap their initial hands and choose their tech routes. 

Stage 3: Battle

The players now enter the battle stage, taking 1 legal attack per actionable card in turn in order of action.

Stage 4: Victory or Defeat 

Repeat the above stages until both players have split the difference or until one side has met the game victory conditions, thus ending the round. 

TLT: The First Blockchain Mobile TCG

The gameplay of most TCG card games on the market is basically built on top of the rules of the pet raising game to differentiate. The essence of most blockchain games is making the game’s prop derivatives as NFTs, i.e., the player’s assets become in-game equipment or tools, thus enhancing the player’s ongoing ownership of in-game assets. The existence of a game pass economic model allows players to earn revenue or rewards for their participation in the game.

These are, of course, the more common values and move the assets to blockchains. While TLT has similar aspects, the game has additional features like the summoning feature and the army functionality. 

The Lost Throne (TLT) Project Highlights 

  • Innovative P2E mobile game

TLT is a P2E Card Trading Game on mobiles, and it’s regarded as the mobile version of P2E’ Heroes of Warcraft’, with a wider group of gamers compared with the web version games. 

  • Exclusive L-KEY account management method 

L-KEY is the login tool specially created for the guild and users to have a better gaming experience, and it is convenient for players to manage their accounts. 

  • Quality investment  

TLT is favored by top capitals and has received funding from Blue Mountains Ventures and Spiral Capital.

  • Three years of craftsmanship

The TLT team took three years to design and develop the game, with the commission of building a library of 300+ cards, and new packs will be updated every quarter to enhance the playability of the game with varied game strategies.

  • Audited by top security agencies

TLT’s contract codes are audited by noted audit firm Certik and are currently in progress. In addition, new card packs will be updated to the TLT game every three months, thus enhancing the strategic variety and playability of the game. 

Game Technology + Summoning + Army

Name: NFT Card Class: NFT Card Campaign

Technology Requirements: Technologies required for summoning cards.  

Mana Cost: Consumed when summoning.

Feature: Special abilities of the cards.

Range: Melee / Ranged.

HP: Health Points.

ATK: Attack Point.

TLT Dual-Token Economy: CP & DD  

The TLT economy system is backed by a dual-token system consisting of the equity token CP (Crystal Powder) and the economic token DD (Dust Dream). 

CP is the equity and governance token of the TLT ecosystem and the only ownership proof of the game. It has value accrual mechanisms, a limited supply, in-game utility and is used to govern the distribution of the Throne Treasury funds. 

CP consumption/utility scenarios 

Staking L-KEY/CP pairs to play the game and earn. 

Purchasing NFT and plating flash to NFT cards. 

Earning profits by staking CP. 

Gaining voting rights by staking CP, with which the rewarding mechanisms and distribution are flexibly adjusted by market users. 

DD is the in-game economic token that players obtain through game victory. DD can be used to produce shining cards or to open new card packs. 

The TLT team will create a liquidity pool with 3,000,000 DD. All other DDs are obtained only through playing to earn in the game.

CP Token Application Scenario Diagram

CP Tokenomics 

Initial Distribution of CP Ranking Reward Pool to Tournament Contestants

This distribution is open to change through governance. 

CP Token Gets Tradable PancakeSwap 

Recently, CP tokens just went live on PancakeSwap, with 2,500,000 CP tokens put into PancakeSwap to provide liquidity.

At present, the price of CP is still at a very “early bird” stage. 

Contract address of CP: 0xe9C133D3D94263C7aC7B848168138D7cF2cEbA14  

GameFi can be simply broken down into a formula: DeFi+NFT+Game=GameFi, which is known as the basic consensus, where DeFi is the core of GameFi, NFT is the support to achieve decentralization, while game landing is the key. 

Experience The TLT Game 

The steam version of the TLT game is now live on Steam and can be downloaded to experience the game in advance. Download here.

The Alpha testing of the TLT game is expected to happen in the last week of January. It’s time to keep an eye on TLT’s official social media channels for updates and participate in the testing to win rewards. 








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