New project and IDO of ENV token

A new initiative has been launched that brings the environment and finance together. ENV Finance is a promising green blockchain because it rewards people for contributing to sustainable projects all over the world. ENV presale is in progress and will ends on April 18th

The environment and finance seem to be diametrically opposed subjects. As a result, it seems that combining their goals into one is difficult. Conservation aimed at protecting our world is a complex and often costly challenge, and the results are often negligible, with a negative balance. Although financial operations are not necessarily environmentally friendly, they are often associated with assets that have a large carbon footprint, such as oil extraction and processing, raw mineral extraction, bitcoin farming, and so on.

Essentially, ENV Finance aims to link the worlds of finance and the environment by rewarding people for their contributions to sustainability projects all over the world.

ENV Finance will check and recommend appropriate initiatives with a higher environmental impact, and the Binance Smart Chain technology will monitor and publish all contributions and financial reports of the initiatives in real time.

Contributors will be compensated with ENV tokens once the project has been fully funded and once it has been completed. ENV Finance has researched and developed an ambitious roadmap in order to include several ways to contribute:

  • To allow people to propose specific proposals, a project recommendation form has been developed.
  • Implement a voting scheme for ENV token holders
  • Issue new exchangeable tokens tied to the world’s carbon footprint and tree planting 
  • Establish itself as the benchmark for environmentally friendly group contributions


ENV Finance is a movement that seeks to bring finance and the environment together in order to have a significant environmental impact. Environmental issues are well-known all over the world. It’s a global problem that can only be avoided over time if governments and states start working together. ENV Finance was created to help achieve this aim by gathering funds from the cryptocurrency community and raising general awareness of our alarming environmental condition.


Traditional crowdfunding does not work anymore, or, better still, it works as normal but with limited results. Fundraising is a daunting job for any organization because it requires people to put their faith in them fully. Contributors also do not have access to information on how their money is spent and are unable to track the progress of the programs they have supported.

ENV Finance’s main aim is to provide contributors with complete accountability of the money flow, from the initial donation to the final project reports; in addition, ENV Finance wants to encourage contributors by rewarding them for their contributions through a simple incentive allocation scheme based on their contribution amount.


ENV is expected to go live in April 2021, attracting a lot of interest from investors as one of the most unique crypto assets ever. The project’s roadmap is set to run until the middle of 2022, with the aim of launching COX, TREE, and NFT tokens. The detailed milestones envisioned by the ENV Finance team before 2022 are listed below.

  • Begin by launching an official website and being involved on all major social media sites. Their official website can now be found at
  • The ENV Finance token will be available for pre-sale in April 2021, following the launch of contact channels. The presale is in progress and will ends on April 18th
  • To achieve the set environmental goals, the team will form a collaboration with a network of international environmental NGOs.
  • The environment is a global issue that needs as much help as possible. As a result, application forms will be available in Q3 2021, enabling supporters to request environmental projects.
  • At the same time as the Pancakeswap pool request, ENV token will be eligible.
  • The first project to start fundraising by crypto donations will be released before the first quarter of 2022.
  • The reward system has been enabled, and project contributors will be rewarded with ENV tokens.
  • By Q1 2022, the ENV team hopes to have raised community and governance awareness, as well as project approval.
  • Advanced stages are scheduled for Q2 2022. More relationships will be established, and local inspectors will be scouted. Contributors should also look forward to the launch of the COX, TREE, and NFT tokens.


ENV Finance is the brainchild of three specialists in their respective fields. Matteo Giacomelli, who holds a master’s degree in information technology and works as a TLC engineer, will be in charge of technology as CTO. As Renewable Projects Manager, Alessandro Piffer will contribute his expertise and experience in management, business consulting, and supply chain management. Lorenzo Corradini, a Master’s degree holder in both Interfaces and Communication Technologies as well as a Social Media Manager, has been appointed Head of Communication. Stephen Tomasi, a language consultant/trainer, and Filippo Iliopulos, a lead naval architect and business development manager, are supporting the three co-founders.


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