New Poll Shows One in Ten Americans Now Invest in Crypto

Polls show that Americans are interested in the potential of the crypto industry most.

1 in 10 Americans Now Invest in Crypto

A recent poll done by CNBC titled the Momentive Poll: “Invest in You” August 2021 shows that 1 in 10 Americans currently invest in cryptocurrency. 

The poll conducted between August 4th and August 11th targeted a national sampling of people across the United States. Although the poll sampling was only 5,530 participants, it did reveal some fascinating information about the attraction toward crypto. 

Author Victoria Rodriguez compiled the information from the poll. Those who invest in cryptocurrency say they do so because of the potential for: 

Long term growth (60%) 

High growth in a short period (44%)

Ease of making their own trades (33%)

Excitement of investing (26%) 

The findings went on to show that new investors feel far more optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency than earlier investors who began investing in crypto before 2019. There is also an apparent discrepancy between age groups and how they view crypto. Roughly two-thirds of older people believe crypto to be of high risk and more men than women invest in cryptocurrency (16% vs. 7%).


Crypto’s “Growth” Seen So Far Isn’t A Factor

Perhaps the most interesting finding of the study, however, is that only 3% of investors began to invest because of the growth that crypto and digital assets have seen up until now. 

“Overall, only 3% of investors began to invest because they were encouraged by the growth in cryptocurrency.” wrote author Victoria Rodriguez. 

It is not clear whether this ‘growth’ refers to new users, cryptocurrency’s total overall market cap, or new exciting projects entering the crypto space. What is interesting about this is that new investors seem to be incentivized by another factor in play. 

The unknown factor could very well be the blockchain technology itself and its long-term future use case. Crypto investors seem to be focused on the future, whether short-term or long-term, as they are shown not to be incentivized by the ‘growth’ the crypto space has seen so far but rather the potential that lies ahead. 

To view the recent CNBC Momentive Poll: “Invest in You” August 2021 poll, click here!

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