New Oblivion Marketplace to Launch First Yield Generating NFT Project

The team behind the RugZombie project has launched a new ecosystem project this week: the Oblivion NFT Marketplace.

The Marketplace, An NFT Revolution on BSC

The team behind oblivion is preparing for the next generation of game-fi and creator-focused offerings on their platform, boasting notable features such as low fees, trading fee rebates, cooperative artist programs for free NFT minting, and a robust rental system, all on the Binance Smart Chain.

“The rental system will play a key feature in our marketplace- we anticipate that as our game studio grows and the game-fi industry grows in general, NFT owners will appreciate the ability to maintain their NFT assets while generating passive income as they rent their NFTs for gamers to use in our gaming platform,” one of their founders, EZ, said.

To inaugurate their launch, they are offering a free NFT giveaway for users following their social channels. 

But this is just the beginning. EZ continued, 

“We expect that many NFT projects and artists will be attracted to our marketplace not simply due to low fees and trading rebates for secondary sales, but our unique ability to ‘gamify’ existing NFT collections, thereby giving utility and additional value incentive to collections and NFT holders. For artists, our cooperative program offers free minting in exchange for commissioned NFT work. We figure that artists would appreciate the trade off, as it comes with free minting, marketing from our team and support for all cooperative artists in our ecosystem, saving cooperative artists invaluable time and money and effort. Who knows, we may even have some spicy new features for those artists in the near-mid term.” 

Money Monkeys, $BANANA Yield Generating NFTs

One of the Marketplace’s first launches will be the highly anticipated Money Monkeys; an NFT project by the Main Street Crypto team that passively earns yield for holders using the ApeSwap DEX. 

“The unique contracts for Money Monkeys takes the BNB it receives as payment and reinvests this into various pools on the ApeSwap DEX. This feature automatically locks this liquidity in, supporting the ApeSwap ecosystem and also passively earning a yield for Money Monkeys holders. When you add the future utility to the MM project, these NFTs have the potential for high returns for holders that will support multiple projects. This is a win-win project.”

Holding a MM NFT earns holders passive income as all of the funds used for purchase of the NFT are allocated to staking pools.

This first NFT release on the Oblivion NFT platform will give away 150 $BANANA and $150 $MAINST token every 500 mints, while 1 BNB will be added to the giveaway every 1000 mints. As a special offer to help commemorate the launch of Money Monkeys, the first 100 Minters to mint 10+ Monkeys will be awarded a gold $GNANA/MoneyMonkey Token.

Minting of the NFTs for the public will begin 3 days after the completion of their whitelist sale. The whitelist sale is limited to holders of Non-Fungible Apes$ZMBE token holders and $MAINST token holders. 

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