New GMI Political Action Committee (PAC) Launched by US Crypto Leaders

As regulation takes center stage in 2022, the need for established money channels will be a powerful tool for crypto leaders.

Crypto Leaders Found PAC

Crypto leaders and blockchain enthusiasts have come together to form a super Political Action Committee (PAC), called the GMI PAC. With notable backers like FTX, Messari, and SkyBridge Capital, the PAC’s launch caught the attention of many.

The group of funders announced the formation of PAC on Friday, January 28, with the goal of will seek to influence candidates for the 2022 midterm elections. The group claims to have already obtained more than $5 million in contributions with the ultimate goal of raising $20 million to spend. 

“Providing blockchain innovators the ability to develop their networks under a clearer regulatory and legal framework is vital if the broader open blockchain economy is to grow to its full potential here in the United States,” states the GMI PAC website. “GMI PAC supports candidates who work to give US-based innovators the opportunity to build next-generation technologies and services here in America rather than doing that valuable work overseas.”


The establishment of a robust PAC in Washington DC is something that many within the industry see as long-overdue. As regulation becomes seems more likely in 2022, the need for influential voices grows more important. Sadly, money plays a vital role in US politics, and its use as a tool should not be overlooked. 

The GMI PAC is currently reviewing candidates for the Texas Gubernatorial campaign. In the past week, several candidates have made public statements in support of bitcoin and the blockchain industry. The power of rhetoric can be a valuable tool for the crypto-industry to help flip the script in the mainstream media.

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