New Data Show India Leads World with 100 Million Crypto Users

TripleA hopes their report will help shed light on the spending practices of crypto users worldwide.

World Data on Crypto

A new report published by TripleA provides comprehensive details of cryptocurrency ownership across the world. India leads the world with the most cryptocurrency users, totaling over 100 Million users. 

The United States, Russia, Nigeria, and Vietnam round out the top five countries, where combined, they barely reach a third of India’s total users. The data proves that crypto knows no bounds and has found a home in nearly every corner of the globe.  

The report from TripleA measured key statistics to help businesses understand where the market is taking hold. The accumulated data shows where users spend crypto across the retail, gaming, luxury, and remittance industries. 

Notable Statistics

Between 2012 and 2021, Bitcoin’s price rose by over 540,000%. 

The Bitcoin market cap reached US$1 trillion in February 2021.

79% of crypto owners are male, versus 21% female.

58% of owners are under age 34.

Merchants who accept crypto payments saw an average ROI of 327%

Crypto remittance is 388 times faster and 127 times cheaper than traditional remittance methods


The report found that as of 2021, just under 4% of the world owns cryptocurrencies. The total users globally rose to over 300 Million people. Over 18,000 businesses now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

The report used country-specific data from the 2020 Chainalysis Geography Report to accumulate data and over fifteen different surveys from national banks and financial institutions. The data was not comprehensive as it provided no data for China and Brazil, two countries known for large crypto followings. 

The full report can be found on TripleA’s website.

What is TripleA?

Founded in 2017 in Singapore, TripleA is a leading cryptocurrency payments company. It is compliant with MAS (Singapore Central Bank). The company operates in Singapore alongside presence in Hong Kong and Europe. TripleA aims continually building globally to revolutionize how businesses and customers are connected through blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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