New Binance Smart Chain GameFi, Lord Arena, Nears IDO After Impressive Partnerships

Another prospective GameFi project gets set to enter the fray as we look through what distinguishes Lord Arena.

GameFi Projet Lord Area set for Launch

Lord Arena will offer users the chance to construct their own squads with up to 5 heroes that they can head into battle alongside. With their native $LORDA token, the team plan to offer staking/farming and a thriving NFT marketplace. 

Details of the forthcoming IDO are set to be exclusively confirmed by the team to BSC News, and we await the relevant confirmation. Meanwhile, the team has confirmed a slew of partnerships from Lavendar Capital, to SGM capital and Gems Lab, among others, in the space of a week

“Although most RPG games are seemingly overwhelming when players first dip their toes into one, Lord Arena will be one of those simple games that anyone can enjoy,” the team explained in materials exclusively released to BSC News

The current state of the GameFi market is exceptionally competitive, and for Lord Arena to set itself apart, there will be an onus on exemplifying their features. 

Features in the game

  • Story Quest

Users will be required to move through different stages to continue to defeat bosses and unlock new settings with additional rewards.

  • Endless Trial

In Demon’s Tower, there are floors for players to get over. With each floor they pass successfully, they will receive rewards depending on the difficulty of that floor. They will have ten entries each day.

  • Arena Of Champions

This is a PVP mode where players worldwide gather in leagues for the number one spot in the game. All the mightiest characters will be tested out. The ladder points of each league depend on the outcome of their battles.

  • World Hunt

Where players need to cope with World Boss for rewards. The more damage they cause on each boss, the more rewards they receive.

  • Staking

For every NFT character owned by players and investors, they can use it for staking purposes. While staking is still in progress, the index and experience of that character will increase, they can also receive $LORDA.

  • Gacha System

Where players use certain resources obtained while doing quests to summon characters. The price and stats of them will depend on their rarity.

The features themselves are not out of the realms of what we have witnessed in other competing GameFi projects, but whether Lord Arena can indeed entice users with these features is another matter that we’ll be keeping a close eye on.

With the project in its infancy, the prospects remain risky at best, but as is always the case with growing GameFi projects, the upside can be considerable.


About Lord Arena

Lord Arena is a blockchain-based action RPG game built and run on Solana and cross chain on BSC where anyone can play and earn tokens through intellectual gameplay and ecosystem engagement. The project remains in its infancy and is currently steadying itself with several partnerships as it looks to attract investors and garner huge interest.

Where to Find Lord Arena:

Twitter | Telegram | Website

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