New ApeSwap BUIDL Program to Assist Young Partnership Projects

ApeSwap has officially announced a new group that can support and reward future projects that use ApeSwap. This new project, titled BUIDL, works for all programs on the ApeSwap platform.

What is BUILDL?

ApeSwap’s BUIDL is a program that rewards projects that add liquidity to ApeSwap.  The program will be available for any projects on the Binance Smart Chain network. This includes protocols established before the program, provided they operate on the Binance Smart Chain. In order to earn these rewards, BUIDL incentivises project teams to add liquidity to the ApeSwap decentralized exchange (Dex).  These platforms will be rewarded once they have met a certain criteria, with the offerings being quite enticing to development teams. When a user introduces the BUIDL program to a new project and the project graduates to the rewards stage, the finder will be rewarded with 500 $banana (the platform’s token).

How to Join BUIDL

Joining BUIDL and collecting rewards is a multistep process. There are three main steps according to ApeSwap:

Apply – Getting started in the program requires users to add liquidity to the ApeSwap Dex, and switching to 75% APE-LP usage on their platform. ApeSwap will then review the application, and if the project meets their quality standards they will be accepted. ApeSwap will add the partner project’s token to their Dex after being accepted.

Build – ApeSwap requires programs to provide some information in order to verify the legitimacy of the protocol. This includes proof of a paid audit, in order to ensure the safety of their platform. Programs must be at least two weeks old, and will be required to provide a pool of their tokens to stake for $banana.

Get Rewards – After passing these background verifications, teams will start to receive their rewards. The more invested that a platform is on ApeSwap, the better the rewards from BUIDL will be. Rewards include: kickback of trading fees; a sizable donation to be utilized as marketing collaboration; access to ApeSwap support and other benefits.

Effect of the BUILDL Program on ApeSwap Price

BUIDL will  have a positive effect for users of ApeSwap, whether they are part of BUIDL or just doing business on the platform. Analysts from digitalpricecoin predict that ApeSwap price could increase up to 50% before the year ends, no doubt due at least partially to the liquidity gained by BUIDL. With more projects embracing the Binance Smart Chain, the BUIDL program is a solid reason for these platforms to utilize ApeSwap. The marketswap has also announced that it will launch its initial offering which it has termed the initial APE offering in the last week of this month. After the launch, users will be able to exchange $banana-bnb tokens for other currency, making the BUIDL program even more enticing. 

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