Netmarble Project Golden Bros Reveal Presale and Roadmap

The GameFi project has important pedigree in Netmarble and is now working alongside Binance NFT.

Netmarble and Binance NFT Combine for Golden Bros

Golden Bros will collaborate with Binance NFT Marketplace to launch its presale through ‘GB Genesis Mystery Boxes’.

In an exclusive press release obtained by BSC News on February 22, Netmarble revealed users will be able to acquire limited edition costumes and collection cards via the Mystery Boxes. These NFTs will allow users to participate in Golden Bros Early Access. With the official release set for March 2, there is much to look forward to.

“The presale NFTs will have multiple benefits for the participants, including 33% discount from original price, unlimited durability during Early Access, and up to 73% chance of winning a Super Rare costume,” Netmarble explained through the exclusive press release. 

The presale will be Binance NFT’s first collaboration with a global AAA studio and Netmarble’s first full-scale appearance in the cryptoscene, making this a significant moment for both Binance and the GameFi project.


Roadmap Plans

The brand new roadmap for 2022 was also unveiled for fans to see. Users will have the opportunity to enjoy Golden Bros through Early Access which is scheduled to take place in March. Global accessibility for the project is due to take place in April, opening up yet more opportunity for growth for the highly touted project.

Golden Bros, developed by Netmarble F&C, is the latest release from Netmarble to apply blockchain technology, and related updates to be revealed progressively. While the players can celebrate the easy control and intuitive combat rules, various maps let players come up with all kinds of strategies during their battles. 

What is Netmarble?

Netmarble Corp. is a South Korean mobile game developer. It is South Korea’s largest mobile-gaming company which was founded in 2000 by Bang Jun-hyuk. Netmarble F&C is the subsidiary of Netmarble, which aims to bring the quality of traditional gaming to the crypto sector and offer crypto users the opportunity to enjoy the best of both crypto utility and traditional gaming excellence. 

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What is Binance NFT?

Binance NFT is the NFT arm of the world’s biggest crypto exchange. It consists of a marketplace, a platform for initial game offering (IGO) and sales of NFT mystery boxes in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. The top 10 collections on the platform have witnessed more than $80 million in all-time trade volumes, as per data from Binance. More than 44,000 items have been sold on the Binance NFT marketplace.

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