NeteFi Network introduces – The Universal DeFi Investment Solutions. Copying – Earning – Sharing!

Netefi Network is a financial firm that operates on Blockchain and Coding networks using smart contracts to respond to transaction transparency as it occurs instantaneously, with no middlemen in between user activities.

Netefi aims to link all users in the world of decentralized finance with investment specialists who are experts in investing in various forms of Defi in order to build a community in the form of a smart contract. The Referrer Program, through which anybody may become a marketer or referral and be enabled to grow in the correct direction alongside the NeteFi Platform, will result in the rapid expansion of the community. Building a strong community which provides benefits for all.


The rising of DeFi and Forex

In January 2021, the DeFi market total locked value of 20 trillion dollars was achieved and its exponential growth reached 425% within five months, reaching the peak total locked value in May 2021 of 85 trillion dollars.

The Forex market has been in existence for decades and has been traded worldwide, and is the world’s largest CFD market. After the price fell and other coins followed, there was a break. But in the Forex market, it’s possible to grow tens and hundreds of times more.

The pain points

The DeFi and Forex markets are expanding rapidly, but they also include many challenges for investors. The DeFi industry is exploding with a massive number of projects being established every day, making it difficult for investors to discover, evaluate, and pick which projects to participate in. There are insufficient marketing channels for specialists and influencers to develop a business in the Crypto and DeFi markets. Some investors just hold tokens for the sake of short-term speculation. Owners or middlemen can readily cheat by trading or traditional funds.

“Netefi Network” as a Solutions

Netefi Network was recently established, bringing solutions to the problems that investors are facing. Finding and investing in DeFi projects is made simpler by Netefi Network’s team of Experts who can assist you on your investment selections. Furthermore, Netefi Network allows anybody to build their own pool funding, perform marketing, and earn rewards through the referral program. Holders can hold the token and receive a revenue share from the platform’s profits. Finally, the Blockchain technology has been updated to allow for the creation of money without the use of intermediaries.

In the first phase, there are 3 Key Functions available for fund managers, users, and referrals to share benefits.

Pool Funding

To spread investment risks in decentralized pools of management. Any particular pools with a set % of return are locked in by investors’ cash. Practical, fast and transparent with “Smart Agreement”. Fund directors use several DeFi protocols to implement their plan to maximize the highest return on ample money for investors.

Pool Staking

Netefi intends for the NEFI token (Governance Token) to act as an asset comparable to stock. Therefore they developed a pool staking feature in which investors retain their coins and deposit them in the pool in exchange for revenue received from the NeteFi platform’s service charge. The NEFI holder will get 30-40% of his or her entire salary on average.

The demand for NEFI Token holdings will rise in tandem with the platform’s development, and there will be no panic selloff because the pool stake allows the platform’s earnings to be paid in other coins, such as BTC and BNB.

Referral Program

In DeFi, it is built and evolved from the previous financial system or the old banking system, where employees may earn commissions from closing deals or marketing, providing additional advantages to managers and executives.

As a result, NeteFi wishes to develop a marketing model in which anybody in the world may build a business or a profession in the world of DeFi using a more transparent and secure Smart contract.

Everyone may perform marketing by referring friends to utilize their services or invest in the Pool Funding and Pool Stake and get referral program rewards.

Moreover, they also have a multi-level program for those who are interested in creating an organization or marketing teams to generate sustainable and passive income in the Decentralized Finance system.

Value Proposition

·        Expert or Master Trade can accumulate wealth and a solid reputation.

·        Investors and beginners may simply invest in Crypto and Defi without studying the technique or trading themselves.

·        Transparency in transactions, as well as long-term growth and return Indication in DeFi.

·        New Master, Referral, and Multi-level Marketing Business Trends.

·        Diversify your investment possibilities with Defi.

·        Buy coins to earn dividends = Buy business stock to earn dividends.

Benefits are promised for all:

Users: Receive a return on their investment in the Pool Funding. The return is determined by the fund manager’s profit. When a profit is earned, a part of the profit is distributed to the fund management and the referrer.

Fund Manager: Create their own Pool and use innovative ways to recruit investors. Start trading swaps and make money. Earn 0.06 percent in return on the Swap Trading Fee, plus profit share ranging from 10% to 50%, depending on the conditions specified at the outset.

Referral: Invite your friends to join them on their platform. Profit-sharing will be set by the fund management and will range from 5 to 30 percent, with an extra 0.05 percent from the Swap trading charge.



The NeteFi Network connects consumers all over the world with experts and marketers inside the Defi ecosystem by offering actual goods in Version 1 such as Pool Funding (Decentralized money management), Pool Stake, and Referral Program. They spent more than 6 months building solutions to assist address the challenges of investing in the Defi world, which needs time to understand a lot of intricacies and is thus more difficult to invest in than other financial markets.

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