Nerve Finance Announces BUIDL Program to Incentivise Platform Adoption

Nerve Finance has introduced an incentive for projects to create Nerve 3Pools, driving growth to both the partnered project and NRV.


While swapping stablecoins on decentralised exchanges, most users experience unfavourable slippage. Nerve Finance has implemented a mechanism that enables users to swap stablecoins at almost zero slippage.

Bidding to scale up usage of its platform and extend the benefits of its platform to a broader community, Nerve Finance has just announced a program termed the Nerve BUIDL Program.

What Is The Nerve BUIDL Program?

The Nerve BUIDL program is an offer made by Nerve to other BSC stablecoin/pegged-token teams to deploy a metapool on Nerve Finance. A metapool allows a single coin (in this case, the stablecoin of any team that joins the program) to be pooled with three coins in another pool (the Nerve 3Pool) without diluting the pool’s liquidity. 

Benefits Of The BUIDL Program

If any project team joins the program, their platforms would be able to access the lowest slippages for their stablecoin-swaps. Users of the BUIDL Program’s member platforms would also be able to trade between their platform’s stablecoin and those of Nerve Finance (USDT, USDC & BUSD).

Other benefits which teams can derive by joining the program include:

Promotion of projects of member-teams by Nerve. 

Up to $250,000 worth of investment from the Nerve Treasury

Up to $250,000 in seed-liquidity for the metapool. 

The whole idea is to mutually strengthen Nerve Finance and other teams who would join the BUIDL Program. To request for a metapool/to join the BUIDL Program, interested teams should reach out to the representative of Nerve Finance via Telegram

About Nerve Finance

Nerve Finance is an automated market maker (AMM) that offers the most efficient stablecoin-swaps on the Binance Smart Chain. It is non-custodial and decentralized. Nerve Finance also features a bridge with which users can bridge assets from and to BSC in a trustless and fully decentralised way.

More information about Nerve Finance can be found on the platform’s media links,

For more information about Nerve Finance, visit the project’s official links:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord 

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