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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily! Thank you all for tuning in!!! Today’s AMA is about NeorderDAO, and together with Neorder, Farkas  will be joining us 

Farkas: Hi!!!

Cryptodaily Admin: Hey man, you doing good?

Farkas: Many thanks to you too! I am wonderful!

Cryptodaily Admin: Superb! Do you want to say anything first before we start the AMA Farkas?

Farkas: Well all I want to say is I like it here, and like everybody who is attending our AMA. Allright! we can start Daley!

Cryptodaily Admin: Alright! So let’s start the AMA with our first question for NeorderDAO!

Q1: So you are Farkas, the core contributor of NeorderDAO, can you introduce yourself and NeorderDAO briefly?

Farkas: Sure. Hello, I’m Farkas, my father is German and my mother is Hungarian, she still lives in Debrecen, Farkas means wolf in Hungarian. I’ve been a big fan of reading since I was a kid and a Nerd to others, so I did a master’s degree in scientific philosophy after college. I joined the blockchain industry in 2017, I’ve been in the early design of operating many projects, including networks, gamefi, and DAO now. Before entering the business, I was in the publishing industry until the Kindle basically destroyed It LOL. But that’s technology metabolizes the way of lifestyle, right? I’m basically this kind of man. Let me tell you about NeorderDAO.

In the whitepaper there is this explanation:

NeorderDAO is such a decentralized autonomous organization, with the mission of establishing a new order for all digital immigrants in the era of Web 3.0 in socializing, communicating and advertising, returning the value achievement of peer-to-peer and node communication that should belong to all Internet users, allowing users to enjoy the traffic dividends created by themselves. I think simply speaking, NeorderDAO wishes to return some of the development dividends to the netizens themselves through the Neorder way. After all, in the growth of web2, although the contribution of the internet giants to the Internet infrastructure is very substantial, it has also formed an obvious sense of encampment or barrier. People are closer and further in the same time, while most of the profits are still consumed in business-to-business competition, unrestrained gov taxes, and all kinds of advertising and traffic or enterprise welfare distribution. Internet users are not being rewarded for their contributions as they should be.

When I was a child living in Hungary, my mother used to tell me about history and one thing I remembered very well was that the salaries of doctors or teachers under the socialist system were very low, and the government would often deceive them with a pride or a duty to make them feel honored by the emotional rewards instead of real money. So of course, after the collapse of Eastern Europe, every protest for salary increases was full of them. It’s like the contributors who built the earliest native Internet content in the web2 era, and all that drove them to do it was a tiny income and a so-called satisfaction. But this is obviously not a sustainable business, so we can also see the development of influencer economics like YouTube, tiktok, and Twitter in the past few years. But these UGC platforms still get the most profit, while the actual creators are carrying the highest opportunity cost. So, in the context of such an era, the web3 driven by blockchain tech as the fundamental economic system was born. NeorderDAO is a project that aims to return the profits generated by the various Internet-related social network behaviors, such as communication and content distribution, to the biggest contributors themselves through some of its own designs.

That’s the end of my “brief” answer, hhh  thanks Daley!

Cryptodaily Admin: oh wow, even if it’s not brief, it’s still a great, logical answer to me

Farkas: Thanks dude, NeorderDAO is based on a good will right?~

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok so basically with the true spirit of Web3: bringing the profits back to the creators and instead of the corporate giants, NeorderDAO is born

Farkas: Yep, the summary is accurate and wonderful

Cryptodaily Admin: So when we were preparing for this AMA, your title in this organization is “Core contributor”. I bet there are plenty more core contributors also

Farkas: Yeah that is true

Cryptodaily Admin: If you want to give them a shout out, feel free to. I would love to know the creators of this project as well

Farkas: Abt 12 guys. Well there are 3 responses for the tech,4 for operation, and a couple for designing everything like pics and videos. We have special talk every week, talking abt human future, LOL

Cryptodaily Admin: Now that’s the philosophy masters right there. I mean, it’s required for any DAO to update consistently to its members, so keep doing what you’re doing!

Q2: So as a socialfi project of Web3, what are your key advantages, and what are the differences with other socialfi?

Farkas: Allright~Our whitepaper includes a complete list of project highlights, and I won’t go into too much detail about what’s already there. Our three core mechanisms, Fomotrading, communication incentive, and staking & mining serve only one purpose in the end, sustainable, enjoyable, and spontaneous traffic acquisition.

We’ll talk about the purpose of getting traffic in a moment, I’ll explain the advantages clearly first! Many people are shocked when they see our One Page, because our One Page is actually 13 pages long and densely filled with descriptions of our mechanisms. LOL. It’s hard to explain in one sentence, which is a strength of ours but creates a certain barrier to entry. Just like many great hobbies such as golf or skiing, getting started is hard, but once you get into it, you’ll find tremendous fun. 

We have a very complete logical chain from the tokenomics to the use of commission, so it is not possible to skip any of the steps in between, and the layers are nested and affect each other. Allocation in addition to the 20% of the whitelist to provide some liquidity to the project early and publicity or cooperation of the subject, the rest are used to provide incentives to the spreading, staking , giant holders rewards, and a little bit of airdrop. The transaction commission is 10% that we charge for every single transaction, which seems very high, but in fact the function is designed very reasonably. 1% destroyed, 4% communication action bonus, 3% go into the FOMO jackpot, and 2% staking bonus. In fact, you can see that this part of the allocation model and handling fee on the one hand is rewarding the core rules of the Game, on the other hand are improving liquidity and enhancing deflationary attributes, which is also a precondition for us to complete the acquisition of traffic. 

Then you will surely ask what exactly these 3 mechanisms do. I’ll try to explain in the simplest language possible:

FOMOTrading is actually a trading system that brings the model that was once FOMO3D into the system. Switching from low-frequency jackpot to high-frequency jackpot, while increasing the number of pools, so that the high-frequency jackpot process does not re-accumulate the pool. On the one hand, it increases the probability of winning, and on the other hand, it automatically allows people to buy when the jackpot accumulation is almost full, to achieve the strategy of automatic market making. In regards to the rules, when no one buys for 60 minutes, or when both pools are full, 1 pool will be drawn. We also designed an anti-robot algorithm to prevent the jackpot from being drawn by cheaters when it is about to draw.

In terms of communication incentive, we designed a game-like upgrade system, and a whole system to match users’ communication behavior based on the characteristics of the central node in communication science, which is derived from the classic pyramid structure, but much more scientific. If the user spreads more people, as the longer the accumulated communication chain, the more lucrative the reward he can get. The content of the early spreading is of course NeorderDAO itself, but in the future it can be any target. 

The staking side is rather simple, and I believe that those who are familiar with DEFI will understand it very well. This part I will not do too much narrative, just let everyone put the token lock in the liquidity pool, get a high return, so that the selling pressure will be much lower. That means the price will be looking good. In fact, you can see that our Socialfi has been doing one thing, which is trying to achieve a positive feedback process. Which is, raise the price of the token, get traffic, get more traffic, and raise the price of the token more. 

Although we have a very sophisticated and complex model, we are very focused and specific in our purpose, which actually provides us with a very solid moat for our business model.

Q3: Well in your theory, traffic will be the tool of production for the future Internet economy, which is quite a refreshing concept. What will you do after you get the traffic?

Farkas: Alright~I’m sure you are no stranger to the famous saying that the smartest minds of our time are thinking about how to make money with advertising. This quote actually points out that the basis of all Internet economy is actually people’s attention, post-industrial or post-Internet industry, where traffic is the first productivity, equivalent to steam machines in the first industrial revolution and electricity in the second industrial revolution. The price of bitcoin and its search index are positively correlated. How likely a product is to succeed depends on whether your grandmother has asked you at the Christmas dinner a year later. Therefore, traffic is the purpose of NeorderDAO and the future production tool for all members. For the traffic We actually thought about a lot of things, but we finally decided to leave it to the DAO to make decisions. We also established a few rules, just like Asimov’s Three Laws, which should never be violated.

1. Do no evil, not to do anything harmful to human beings, whether it is physical or spiritual damage.

2. Do not over-entertain, to protect people’s spiritual home from being replaced by cheap Tittytainment.

3. Do not cooperate with any political or religious organization.

Regarding the third rule we need to state that we are not anarchists, because pure anarchism generally does not build anything but destruction, but we definitely do not cooperate with political organizations including governments and state-owned enterprises, because we cannot know their real purpose, the words of politicians usually not fulfilled. We are also not anti-religious, but most religions are always exclusionary, which is not in line with the attributes of Web3, to avoid arguments, we also do not cooperate with religious organizations. That’s the end of my answer, thanks to the host.

Q4: Okay, I always have one question, what on earth is Web3, everyone seems to be labeling their project as Web3, but they are not standing out the page of Web2, what do you plan to do to build the so-called New Order of Web3?

Farkas: That is a brilliant question! In fact, web3 is not defined, but in how we did define web3. Personally, I think web3 is actually very, very simple. It is the web2 belonging to YOUR OWN. I was very fond of literature when I was a young boy, and of course still am, then I simply posted my own literary essays, diaries and some fragments of novels on MSN space. But MSN space was closed in 2011, and my readers and my articles were lost forever in the flow of history. The immutable and decentralized nature of blockchain can actually solve this problem, at least now I won’t have such a concern when I post articles on Mirror when it’s marked by blockchain. Moreover, there are many places in this world where you can’t speak freely, and the world is increasingly isolated today, if there is a place for everyone to have a common goal, instead of denying each other, attacking each other and degrading each other because of different opinions, I believe the only thing is to build web3 together.

As for many projects to label themselves to web3, facebook also said they did not monitor everyone’s account, right? There is deception, there is labeling, there is selfishness and self-interest when human activities exist. This is a property of human nature itself. We are trying to build web3 through this property, the tendency to profit, by setting up the rules of the game, and are very driving rules for everyone to build the order of web3 together, well it sounds very grand, but in fact, the realization is very micro, very detailed. You take the engine apart and what you get is a bunch of gears and metal parts, the cylinder I thought was a sink, but together it’s a monster capable of delivering the power of hundreds of horses. It’s like the mechanism we designed, taken apart each one seems to be nothing, together it’s a bomb that can overturn the existing rules of distribution of communication.

Q5: This might be a more profound and creative discussion of Web3 in the recent past. How will you practice DAO in the future? Do you have a governance plan?

Farkas: Speaking of DAO, in fact, we have always thought that the current stage of the claim or DAO’s organizational form is very irrational. I think most DAOs are like adults playing around, and many of the management methods are too idealistic. At the same time, the way of bringing in democracy for all people makes the governance very inefficient and does not reflect the expertise of professionals. To some extent, the DAO is now more like a political demand or an act of self-promotion, rather than a real business act, an act of organizational autonomy. 

NeorderDAO believes that in the current process, the mechanism that should be implemented is the representative mechanism, first to maximize efficiency, then to complete the rules of governance , gradually try to find the core contributors for the development of the organization, and to complete the process of autonomy for all. Enterprises, Organizations are different from the state. The state is to have a legal and police military system, with the means of coercive authority, but at the same time, there are also welfare, pension and other non-profit parts. Therefore, enterprises to be relatively much simpler, is to make profit for the purpose of shaping competitiveness and corporate culture. Thus, we believe that automated processes are much stronger than inefficient public decision-making, which is the most important thing that DAO should do to improve the current situation.

Cryptodaily Admin: So for the current state, do you think a DAO should be like democracy? voting or finding the core contributor and then let them decide on some key aspects?

Farkas: Yep, we believe in professionals. Not emotion or I can make it with good will. No. It comes from the right choice and knowledge

Cryptodaily Admin: That is an interesting take on the matter too, ok I will just leave it like this and let the chat sit on it cause we’re not here to argue though, it would take forever

Farkas: hhh sure, that is a deep question

Q6: You guys think the current DAO governance doesn’t make sense, which is one of the bolder voices I’ve heard lately, so is there any specific way to automate the process you just mentioned?

Farkas: Our organization has just been established, we must first elect the pre-governance committee, and then set up the basic rules, members of the pre-governance committee are not able to enter the real governance committee, so as to avoid the possibility of designing rules for their own benefit. When the governance phase is going on, we also use the committee system, referring to King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. We have 12 titles containing details of specific business, equal level but with a different work. We will use modular programming ideas to design the official DAO governance operating system using a low-code platform, so we can let process, modularity, and automation become a subconscious way of thinking. This part you will see shortly, it is cheap to say, hard to do, it is better to see what we do in practice.

Q7: As a core contributor, how did you get involved in the project yourself, and what kind of incentive plan can you offer if other people get on board?

Farkas: Ah ha~ Good one. I was one of the early initiators and designers of the project, our team is from multiple languages and countries, and my academic background made me always want to go for such a social experiment, so, we have been discussing a similar direction on Twitter and among our friends in the community, it was in the intense preparation from July last year until March this year. That’s why we got huge attention as soon as we launched. Now we have over 25k Twitter followers, over 100k in TG, and over 10k in DC, and we’re not even an NFT project LOL.

This is something I’ve always wanted to do, to create a mechanism that would allow it to go on its own in a positive cycle, and at the same time be able to help and improve the internet environment so that more people can spontaneously maintain their privacy and personal identity or not let internet giants make money from personal data. That’s why I am bound to join, even without such an organization I have to design one, that’s what I think. Because of the large number of people now, opening autonomy must be something within the schedule, and we must be very generous to our friends who participate in governance, as evidenced by the size of the airdrop and whitelist we send. So why not join us in designing this part of the plan together, after all, what I say alone has limited credibility, and it is the experience that can be more intuitive.

But what I can make clear is that in the automated progress of the requirements, all the behavior beneficial to DAO will be explicitly rewarded N3DR or other forms of rewards. At the same time, we will start the design of our identity NFT. If there are partners who have the intention, please contact us, we will give generous contribution rewards.





That is the way to Join Us!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Farkas for an interestingly informative first segment! Remember to check them out if you’re interested in NeorderDAO!

Farkas: Thank you too. Really happy to be here. THANK YOU to BSCDaily for giving us the opportunity to work together to showcase our proud project design ideas.

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with NeorderDAO

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Farkas: We hope all of you who participated in our NeorderDAO had your own unique and satisfying user experience. Thank you and goodbye! Don’t forget to join us. We have a lot of airdrops and whitelists. Thank you!!!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for being here Farkas! Best of luck to you and Neorder! take care man

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