Neom World – Supporting Global Climate Change Initiatives

The project proposes using the power of blockchain to make a difference for the environment.

Population Increases, Land Decreases

According to Sir David Attenborough, the world population greatly expanded from 1937 to 2020 by almost 5.5 billion people. In 1937 the world population reached 2.3 billion people, and 66% of the planet’s total surface still had wilderness. Starting with 2020, the world population passed over 7.8 billion while only 35% land wilderness remained.  

These statistics have led to the development of Neom World, a project the team states is dedicated to fighting challenges related to climate change. The Neom platform was launched to combat climate change through various multifaceted approaches.  

Implementing smart farming technology, a solar panel company to assist with competitive energy costs for consumers, and developing an online game to educate the public and consumers are just a few examples.

Neom World – Products and Features to be Launched  


The platform was designed to have a complex ecosystem that provides everything a token holder needs to conduct transactions and fight against climate change, according to the team.  

Besides that, the token holders can also use: 

Exchange services  

DeFi wallet   

Gaming features   

NFT collection   

Solar panel distribution system   

Smart farming technology   

Blockchain system   

Neom online cryptocurrency teaching section   

Debit Card  

The team aims to create a direct debit system; a DeFi wallet that allows users to access decentralized finances, applications, exchange using self-custody funds, and a green blockchain with fast settlement and finality while using little power. Depending on the amount of cash raised, Neom plans to introduce the first product in 2022.  

Neom World – Goals and Mission  

Neom World is a cryptocurrency platform that supports an innovative campaign to combat climate change and raise awareness. They aspire to integrate education, blockchain, and products to help make the world a greener and more sustainable place.  

The platform has a seven-phase roadmap and will mint 3000 rare and unique NFTs, which holders of the NFT will benefit from 40% reflections in $Neom Products. They intend to reward long-term investors by imposing a 6% sell reflection fee on all $Neon Coin holders.  

The Neom World coin project’s primary goals are to tackle real-world problems such as poverty, climate change, education, and awareness for underdeveloped countries and make changes while generating the best-in-class NFT collections and cryptocurrency innovations.  

Ending Note  

Neom World’s main work will be to achieve the goals outlined in the project roadmap. One of their primary goals is to finance all climate activists, allowing them to act further in conserving the environment, such as establishing a new green belt in Africa.  

The platform was created to stop forest destruction, resolve climate issues, and ultimately save the planet according to its developers.  

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