NBOX – Decentralized Guilds and GameFi Ecosystem

The platform seeks to create a fully decentralized hub for gamers to play and develop GameFi on BNB Chain.

Introducing NBOX

NBOX is a decentralized guild ecosystem and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) creator on BNB Chain. Essentially, NBOX provides aggregation services for GameFi players, metaverse users, blockchain social platforms, and a place to store in-game assets.

The overarching goal of NBOX is to create an instantaneously accessible hub for blockchain gamers. The project is powered by the $NBOX token as well as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NBOX invites its community to build the NBOX ecosystem together, offering developers a chance to create their own GameFi project to play through NBOX.


Key Features

NBOX offers a variety of features that help build out a decentralized guild-based ecosystem. These features range from passive income opportunities to collaborative guilds. The complete vision of NBOX includes NFTs, DAO 2.0, GuildFi, GameFi, SocialFi, and DeFi all combined into a fully decentralized package. Below is a look into some of NBOX’s most important features:

N-Guard NFTs

N-Guard NFTs are an integral part of the NBOX ecosystem, protecting players and earning income. N-Guards can be purchased by users after registering on NBOX and can be customized in appearance. They serve as avatars for players in the NBOX ecosystem.

N-Guard holders can use them to mine $NBOX, with each NFT having a different hash rate and production value. N-Guards can be leveled up by purchasing upgrades with $NBOX, which increases mining production. Any tokens ‘consumed’ by the NFTs are burned to reduce supply.

Along with their role in mining, N-Guards are also major characters in the upcoming Super Hero game.

NBOX Guilds

The main feature of the platform, decentralized guilds drive the NBOX ecosystem in what NBOX calls ‘GuildFi 2.0’. NBOX guilds are completely decentralized and rely on DAO 2.0 and artificial intelligence algorithms to remove human interference. Guilds are represented by NFTs and can be compared to managing a sports club, according to the NBOX whitepaper. They can be used for either GameFi operations or for token trading and can be bought or sold by the owner. 

Players can join preexisting guilds or create their own to compete in NBOX games. Guild governance is done via DAOs to ensure full decentralization in guild decisions. Guild members have influence over what games are produced/accepted onto NBOX, allowing them to form a closed loop of development. NBOX strives to keep all guilds balanced, ensuring there is parity for both old and new players.

Divine-Beast NFT

These NFTs are tied to guilds; the owner/president of the guild must create this NFT to start recruiting members, after which it will begin providing mining rewards to members. Divine-Beasts can be upgraded to increase production (as well as the value of the guild NFT). Any tokens consumed by upgrading Divine-Beasts are burned.

Upcoming Developments

The NBOX roadmap has already met a significant amount of milestones, with more to come in the next few weeks.

Start of Mining

NBOX has revealed when mining will open on the platform. Starting on May 24th at 10:00 AM UTC, NBOX users can enable mining with their N-Guard NFTs.

Users wishing to maximize mining income profits will want to have their N-Guard NFTs set up to earn before this date, possibly even upgrading them before mining opens. Users can feed their N-Guards food to upgrade them starting on May 17th. Players can upgrade N-Guards up to 50 levels a day, with each level increasing the mining hash rate by 10. Players can purchase the upgrades with $BUSD.cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=96f1f04c5f4143bcb0f2e68c87d65feb&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/nboxofficial/status/1522500349772271617&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png

Official AMA

NBOX will be holding an official AMA on May 16th at 12:00 PM UTC. The AMA will help introduce NBOX to the crypto community and explain the details behind the project. NBOX is also offering a series of Twitter-based giveaways, with more details available via the official NBOX Twitter account.cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?type=text%2Fhtml&key=96f1f04c5f4143bcb0f2e68c87d65feb&schema=twitter&url=https%3A//twitter.com/nboxofficial/status/1524409955024969730&image=https%3A//abs.twimg.com/errors/logo46x38.png


The NBOX team will also be holding an official $NBOX buyback on June 30th. The team will buyback $NBOX at a price of 0.1 BUSD to list on the NBOX exchange for 0.1 BUSD.

Super Hero Game

The upcoming Super Hero strategy card game is the first GameFi offering from NBOX. The game combines play-to-earn, PvP, PvE, guilds, cultivations, and more into a diverse gaming experience. Players use their N-Guard NFTs to play the game, with opportunities to level up their N-Guard to increase its battle power.

The game will have three primary gameplay modes: Competitive Mode, Adventure Mode, and World Boss. Each mode has difficulty options that provide distinctive rewards, with more modes such as Dungeons and Guild Wars coming in the future. 

Adventure Mode consists of different levels that have unique rewards. Competitive Mode involves PvP battles where players engage in turn-based strategy battles in a ranked format. World Boss has players join forces with their guilds to defeat a massive boss, earning prizes such as weapons for their N-Guards (represented by NFTs).

Concluding Thoughts

NBOX is a highly collaborative gaming environment. With an emphasis on developing a strong guild, the success of players on the platform is dependent on teamwork. 

Blockchain gaming has taken the concept of ‘gaming teams’ to a new level through decentralization. NBOX seeks to be a premier hub for players as well as a supportive environment for developers. Whether you are an avid GameFi player, someone who enjoys team-based gameplay, or even just looking for some passive income while occasionally playing games, NBOX has something to offer.

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