NBA Legend Tracy McGrady Partners with Binance NFT for NFT Series

McGrady’s first NFT project is an airdrop paired with the V2.0 release of Arche Network.

Binance NFT Series With NBA Hall of Famer

Arche Network worked together with Binance NFT and NFKings to airdrop a series of NFTs to honor NBA Hall of Famer, T-Mac, Tracy McGrady. The Arche Network will gift the series of 3,513 NFTs to the most loyal users of their network.

The NFTs dropped on November 7th and comes at the same time as Arche Networks V2.0 update. The amount of NFTs commemorates the iconic moment when T-Mac scored 13 points in 35 seconds. The NFTs will also feature other career highlights, all in a pioneering digital format.

“Even when I look back today, the moment still feels unbelievable. 13 points in 35 seconds! Something beyond my own expectations as well. It was a great game, with great memories,” McGrady told Sherry Wang of NFTalks YouTube channel. “I’m very excited to relive these moments with my fans through the Binance NFT platform.”


For eligibility to the airdrop users had to have completed a number of social media tasks and register with the site. For more information about the details, check here. Arche Network originally announced the details for the drop on October 28 via Twitter. Participating fans also had a chance to win several special prizes.

McGrady the Face of Arche Network V2.0?

McGrady is set to be one of the featured personalities for the V2.0 launch by Arche Network that will drop the second week of November. Lucky users who received an airdrop will be able to cherish the moment of T-Mac themselves or put them on the V2.0 marketplace once available. 

“Every time people look at these NFT pieces, it’s as if we’re really living those moments. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share my highlights,” McGrady added. “I’m grateful for the fans for their continued recognition and for making my T-Mac Moment NFTs.”

Binance NFT has been working with more than just McGrady when it comes to ex-NBA players.  The platform also team with another Hall of Famer, Allen Iverson for a collection that dropped on several different platforms. 

About Arche Network

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