NBA Legend Allen Iverson Has NFT Collection Debut on Four Platforms

The Binance 100 Creators initiatives are seeing dividends as the top NBA players attract attention to various platforms.

The Answer to NFTs

Allen Iverson, the Hall of Fame player with the smoothest and coolest cross-over in NBA history, has been commemorated in an NFT collection by Tokau across four platforms: BakerySwap, Pabby, Binance NFT, and 

The collection drops in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Iverson’s draft day to the NBA. The collection, illustrated by Andrew Kligier, went on sale Oct. 28, according to the blog by Tokau.

“Shoutout to all my fans in Asia. I’m excited to be working with Tokau to launch a collection of NFTs,” Iverson said in a video he tweeted in July 2021. 


The tweet by Iverson, known as the The Answer, featured a reply from none other than Binance CEO, who expressed excitement for the 11-time all-star and 2001 MVP: “Looking forward to it.”

Iverson was one of the 100 celebrities chosen by Binance in its 100 Creators initiative launched in Summer 2021. The title of the collection ‘Dream Team, Dream Big,’ pays homage to how Iverson’s inaugural season coincided with the US Dream Team which barnstormed through the 1996 Barcelona Olympics and put the NBA on the world stage.

The Release Details

The release is live across all four platforms. For a full list of the NFT details of how to buy on each platform, check the Tokau blog.

The price for one of the NFTs is 79 USD and it looks like UST and BUSD will be accepted depending on the platform. Some of the proceeds will go on to benefit The Allen Iverson Scholarship Endowment.

“Allen Iverson has firstly entered the non-fungible token (NFT) realm with a collection that celebrates 25TH ANNIVERSARY since DRAFT in 1996,” reads the Tokau Blog.

To create an eternal bond between fans and himself, Allen Iverson believes it is an ideal and creative way to celebrate his 25 years anniversary with his fans all over the world.

A total of 14,400 pieces with varying rarity are available.  The NFTs feature renditions of classic sneakers, an NBA court, Iverson’s jersey, and Iverson himself. Some of the NFTs are definitely cooler than other ones. Iverson’s appeal comes from his style of play, known for being one of the original players to bring a hip-hop swagger to the usually clean-cut league.

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