Nas Daily features Axie Infinity For Its Crypto Week Series

Axie Infinity Co-founder, Jeffery “Jihoz” Zirlin, talks about the future of the internet through NFT powered PlayToEarn blockchain video games.

That’s One Minute in Web3 GameFi

Nuseir Yassin, an internet video blogger popular for making one-minute videos for a thousand days straight, has featured the PlayToEarn blockchain game, Axie Infinity, as part of a Crypto Week Series on his platform, Nas Daily.

Axie Infinity growth lead, Jihoz, was featured in the third episode of the series to talk about the current video game industry and how blockchain technology can help change the future of the internet and give value to the developers and players of the game.

“This is a crazy video because this guy right here (Jihoz) created a new type of game that will blow your mind,” Nas started his video saying. “You can spend years of your life playing a game and get nothing in return. And even worse, the people who code the game don’t see much benefit either.”

The video highlights how 50% of the game sales go to the app stores and the publishers, the so-called “middlemen” in the current structure of the industry. Majority don’t even go to the game developers while players don’t even get anything at all.

“There are huge middlemen , the app stores [and] the publishers, that are extracting way too much value from these gaming ecosystems,” Jihoz explained. “We believe that [the] majority of the value should be going to the gamers [and] the game developers that are actually doing [the] majority of the work.”

Nas went on to explain to his viewers how NFT gaming works with Axie Infintiy as the example before the topic shifted to the Axie Infinity Community by featuring AxieLima’s Axie Infinity tattoo. Sky Mavis owns only 20% of the Axie Infinity assets while the other 80% belongs to the community.

“I’m so grateful to be able to be part of a beautiful project that is changing the world,” AxieLima enthusiastically said. “I fully admire everybody that is part of the community. The community is everything to us.”

See You Tomorrow

This wasn’t the only video about Axie Infinity that made it Nas Daily’s Crypto Week Series. In a previous episode, Nuseir Yassin featured a Philippine based Axie Infinity content creator’s story. KooKoo used to work for a fast food restaurant and drove an Uber just to make ends meet. He even had to drop out of college because it was too expensive for him. 

With all that behind him thanks to Axie Infinity, KooKoo created helpful content for players, especially ones from the Philippines, to easily learn Axie Infinity and help them earn from the PlayToEarn game. He has partnered with Nas and now teaches a course on Yassin’s educational platform, Nas Academy called Axie Infinity for beginners by KooKoo Crypto TV.

The Axie Infinity team has repeatedly said that they envision Axie as a way for people to get into crypto. The partnership with Nas Academy and Axie Influencer, KooKoo Crypto TV, is a step in the direction of realizing that vision.

You can watch the video on Nas’s social media platforms.

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