Nano Dogecoin – The Crypto That Benefits Dogs and Investors

The project seeks to improve worldwide canine welfare, while rewarding users in stablecoin yields for holding the NDC token.

Introducing Nano Dogecoin

Nano Dogecoin is a token that focuses on dog welfare and has donated to more than 20 charities around the world. Investors that hold the NDC token are rewarded in USD Tether, giving holders passive income on a daily basis. The latest feature within Nano Dogecoin’s dashboard will allow staking while continuing to earn USDT rewards.


Nano Dogecoin publicly launched just 10 days ago, but they have exponentially grown a strong  community due to the latest features released and the strides they have made since their inception. 

How Did Nano Dogecoin Find Success?

Nano Dogecoin impressively hit their $20M all-time-high within 2 hours of the public launch of the token. The protocol then went on to trend number one on Dextools within that same time frame. Nano Dogecoin immediately secured audits from Certik and Brewlabs, and soon began hosting a “Who Wants to Win a Bitcoin” gameshow every week.

With the release of their gameshow as well as their audit certifications, the growth of Nano Dogecoin has been quite impressive. Investors interested in Doge-based projects with fun interactive qualities could find a permanent home with Nano Dogecoin.

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