Nafty Announces the First Erotic Art NFT Marketplace

The first erotic art NFT marketplace has finally come to fruition after previous NSFW projects generated much interest.

Nafty Gets Racy Marketplace Off the Ground

After the significant attention several NSFW sh*coins achieved in their initial stages, Nafty’s Erotic Art NFT Marketplace is likely to have eyes peeled.

The Nafty Art NFT Marketplace officially launched on September 16th and has immediately set about attracting investors and content creators alike. 

“On 16th of September The adult industry will change forever №1 Adult NFT Marketplace!” Nafty’s stated via its official Twitter account

With an immediate roster of ‘ambassadors’ having been assembled, each with their own loyal and hefty Instagram following, Nafty may have made a decent start. 


Nafty’s Ecosystem 

Nafty’s ecosystem presents a triumvirate of adult-orientated platforms, which will each employ Nafty as their functional token. – The NFT marketplace will feature erotic artwork from all over the world in a bid to bring together talented artists with keen collectors. – Will function fairly similarly to OnlyFans, except on blockchain, offering lower fees, better payment structures to creators, and other useful marketing tools. – The final element of the ecosystem presents a subscription platform for exclusive content, which will charge an annual fee and is described as a kind of ‘Netflix on blockchain’ by the Nafty team.

“We are proud and excited to have developed an ecosystem of platforms, which, along with the Nafty Token, put the power and earning potential into the hands of the creators. At last they can be justly rewarded without giving away large percentages on fees.” Nafty’s CEO, Rob Kemenyfi, explained via press release

Market Goals

As we previously outlined with regard to past NSFW projects, market research carried out by Ibis World saw a 13.8% growth in the online adult industry in the U.S. Nafty will be the latest project to try and take advantage of this established market. 

There is an understanding by Nafty that to truly tap into this market, they will have to offer participants something different. The team appears to be keenly aware that blockchain offers them the opportunity to protect content creators in terms of value, and consequently offering investors the best rates.

We will be following Nafty’s progress to see if they can build on their promising start to get further than initial NSFW projects.

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