Nafter NFT Marketplace V1.1 Release Nears Alongside “Surprise” Announcement

The project raises users’ hopes with a surprise announcement as it sets to launch an upgraded version of its NFT marketplace.

Upcoming Integrations Ahead of V1.1 Launch 

Following the successful launch of the Nafter V1.01 Non-fungible Token (NFT) marketplace, the protocol is set to take the NFT space by storm once again with an improved version — V1.1, which comes with lots of exciting upgrades. 

The protocol launched its NFT marketplace on 4th September with some exciting features. However, the Nafter team has announced that an upgrade is coming shortly to its community. The world’s first social network and NFT marketplace, as it brands itself, announced the new update via Twitter with some new additions. 

“Here are the features & additions being added to version 1.1 of @NafterApp with lazy Minting added to the list!” Nafter tweeted on 5th September. “The platform is growing exponentially and we want to make it PERFECT before our large-scale marketing plan begins. Let’s go Nafterians!” 

Upon launch, the Nafter NFT marketplace recorded huge adoption. As reported by BSC.News on 6th September, over 2,000 NFTs were minted in just two hours. The platform allows users, both creators and fans, to buy, mint, and sell NFTs. This unique feature could be the driving force behind the huge amount of traffic. 


The protocol strives to enrich its community on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Nafter, with its native utility token, $NAFT, through its ambassador program, has attracted influencers, creators, and artists worldwide. With the latest features such as Lazy minting, $NAFT token implementation, and dozens of bug fixes, amongst others, Nafter will keep developing and attracting more users on BSC. 

New Update Comes With Added Spice 

Nafter is not going to stop with an updated version of its NFT marketplace. Instead, the protocol will wow users with something else. As of this writing, the surprise is undisclosed, as seen in Nafter’s September 12 tweet

“It may not be crystal clear yet, but there’s a few reasons why hardcore marketing has not started yet. Other than v1.1 we have another surprise that we’re waiting for. Thank you for your support & patience Nafterians we got a lot more coming,” Nafter published. 

Many users have already expressed delight and anticipation towards the protocol’s tweet. User imaa007 on Twitter replied to Nafter’s statement with positivity, noting that the project is an amazing one. 

“We believe in you, we are waiting for the day we can say YES!! I knew this is an amazing project, we are holding #nafter,” imaa007 replied. 

As it stands, there is still no clue as to what the other surprise is, but it is clear that the project is moving in the right direction. In any case, we look forward to the V1.1 launch. 

Nafter’s All-in-one NFT Marketplace 

Nafter is an online marketplace for creators and fans to buy, sell, mint, and collect content NFTs. On Nafter, anyone can mint an NFT easily. All users need to take a photo on their smartphones, mint it to an NFT, Post the newly minted NFT to Nafter, then share and sell them to their biggest fans. 

Nafter allows users to monetize their media content within minutes, and content pays more as creators’ fans increase. Users can also stake on creators’ profiles. Through staking, fans will gain access to creators’ exclusive content while also earning more $NAFT via Nafter pools with at least 100% Annual Percent Yield (APY). 

The $NAFT token can be used to vote for platform upgrades, choose which content gets featured on the marketplace, and stake to earn high APYs. Nafter is one to look out for on BSC as it allows users to discover the world of NFTs. 

Where to find Nafter:

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