My DeFi Pet Outlines Play-to-Earn “Boss Fight” Combat Mechanics

My DeFi Pet details how to fight, but many users are seeing game malfunctions leading to the stoppage of the feature.

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The popular GameFi, My DeFi Pet, has upgraded and added new combat features. The new features included ‘Boss Fights,’ which gives users a more fun combat experience and something to strive for while developing a creature.

The new feature has launched, but My DeFi Pet confirmed in their Telegram on Aug. 19th that the Boss Fight tab on their site was temporarily under maintenance. The team posted a tutorial in a Medium blog two days prior about how the new feature will throw down. Amy, Business Development Manager of My Defi Pet, also confirmed in an August 13th AMA that the game’s rollout will be gradual.

“After thousands of years of fighting the forces of darkness, our legendary Pet Masters collected some information about the mighty BOSSES and provide us with these inscriptions below on how to win against the force of evil,” read the August 18th blog post.

The My DeFi Pet community is hyped for the new feature as volume and activity continue to rise. The Pokemon-esque game has the second-highest GameFi total volume this past week and the highest in the last 24 hours, according to dAppRadar. At this time the DPET token was trading at $6.47, according to CoinMarketCap.


How Do Boss Fights Work?

My DeFi Pet only teased users with a brief summary of how the Boss Fights will function. Joining Boss Fights will cost a gas fee of 0.001 BNB for BEP20. 

You can only deploy one pet per attack, so you must choose wisely when taking on a Boss. Bosses can deal significant damage and render a pet unable to perform normal in-game functions until a smart contract recovery is completed. 

“To win this Fight, Pet masters need to beat the boss at each level. In the beginning, the boss is on the spaceship. A suicide army of pets needs to sacrifice to destroy the boss’s ship to enter the boss fight starting at level 1,” said Amy, Business Development Manager of My DeFi Pet, in the AMA Medium post. 

Bosses will appear 5 minutes after the previous boss was defeated. Each boss will appear with 100 levels. Each boss has a time limit of 12 hours before it will run away. The last boss will stay for 48 hours. Users must defeat the boss before the timer runs out. 

There will be two types of pets users can fight with: Worthy and Normal. The two pets will cause different damage and earn DPET for every blow. Worthy Pets deal 5x damage of Normal pets and earn 1 DPET per attack. Normal pets get 0.2 DPET per attack and have a normal attack. Pets that deal the knock-out final hit make an extra DPET token.  

Transactions Failed?

My DeFi Pet launched a few weeks ago but is currently undergoing a bit of maintenance. Many users have posted about seeing failed transactions and miscues in the battle functions. This is the reason why the Boss Fight function is currently disabled.

“Boss Fight has begun on My DeFi Pet for a couple of hours now, and I believe it’s the worse event that’s ever happened. You can’t even play––all you do is pay transaction fees,” complained George from eGamers Blockchain Games in a YouTube video review posted on August 19.

As Amy from My DeFi Pet confirmed, the Boss Fight feature is just gradually coming out. George from eGamers likened some of his poor experience to congestion and too much demand on the game’s early features. 

Despite the hiccup, users are still hopeful for a successful launch of the new feature. The popularity of the game warrants an upgrade.

We advise you to check out all games before diving into what is happening.

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