MUXE TOKEN Will Swap from ERC20 to BEP20 for a future of Chain Bridging

Another token that has decided to pursue with the swap from the Ethereum Blockchain to the Binance Smart Chain is the MUXE Project. MUXE was founded in early 2018 and is known for its ways of dealing with the project ups and downs. Even though MUXE has never made it to become a mainstream currency a surprisingly large amount of people in the cryptocurrency industry have certainly heard of MUXE.

MUXE was launched with a bad start in early 2018 by a group of people from the Netherlands in cooperation with a group of early investors. Since then MUXE has altered its direction several times trying to redeem its spot in the market. Originally MUXE started with the vision of a marketplace where products could be purchased with both fiat or cryptocurrencies allowing people to shop, share and socialise in one place.

Due to a difference of opinion in combination with technical hiccups and new learning curves the marketplace never made it passed (several) alpha to beta phases especially due to a lack of technical involvement with blockchain technology at that moment. In 2019 MUXE started focusing more on blockchain driven products and launched a series of products that became quite popular under a large audience on the Telegram network.

MUXE was really starting to pull things off and started to see huge growth in adoption, more interest in its currency as well as a fast-growing client base who wanted to cooperate with MUXE and the CcS T&T Protocol with their own cryptocurrency asset. Around December 2019 (during Christmas) / The 8th of January 2020, the MUXE founders encountered multiple red flags in the system which made them decide to put the off-chain protocol on temporarily hold.

At first, it was only planned to put the protocol on hold for several weeks all through the team learned over time that a solution to reintroduce the off-chain protocol was very unlikely. MUXE is currently working on a manual solution and has already announced that the introduction of a new off-chain protocol is very unlikely for the time being.

Meanwhile, while those that are solving the issue above another part of the team of MUXE among them several developers started preparing new solutions that are 100% blockchain p2p based from a decentralized perspective avoiding all forms of off-chain or central controlled related protocols. When MUXE its decentralized protocol was finally ready to be introduced to the market the Binance Smart Chain was making strong moves in the market.

MUXE invented the CcS Blockchain to make an end to extreme high transaction cost by deriving on top of the technology from the Qtum Organisation in combination with several new ideas on how to tackle transaction cost/gas fees. Knowing that the BSC Blockchain is currently making amazing movements as well as the market being at an incredible position of new ATH’s all over the place and also knowing that the CcS Blockchain Mainframe all though completely ready to launch is still in a very premature phase the team of MUXE decided to make a pitstop at the Binance Smart Chain and realise a new path for the adoption of the MUXE Token.

MUXE will refactor its products and services as well as directions. A major cleanup has been announced and will soon be present on the website. The MUXE Token now has its own website at meaning it is now separated from the website which serves as the website of the company MUXE BV. This change was introduced to make an end to all the confusion of which projects from MUXE BV are related to the token or which projects are irrelevant to the MUXE Tokens.

MUXE is already available on the BSC chain and a circulation supply of 1% is currently available on BSC. MUXE has announced its official swap procedure via their social media channels. You can sign up for the MUXE ERC20 Swap below.

MUXE has already announced that it isn’t saying goodbye to the Ethereum blockchain. For now the MUXE Tokens will be swapped to the Binance Smart Chain including a reduction rate of X100. Once the old MUXE contract is completely extinguished and the new smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain is fully adopted as well as properly introduced on the services that are available on the BSC, MUXE is planning to prepare its MUXE BRIDGETIVITY program. The MUXE BRIDGETIVITY (Bridgetivity is not an official word however is the term that MUXE uses to refer to the MUXE Token blockchain bridges.

Once MUXE is ready for the BRIDGETIVITY Phase it will also introduce a CcS Blockchain Bridge as one of the three first introduced Bridges. It is currently unknown how much CcS Coins will be allocated at the time but it is already a known fact that once MUXE makes it to the CcS Blockchain that it will allocate a decent amount of CcS Coins to cover all gas fees when transacting the MUXE tokens for at least several years.

Those that thought MUXE was stuck on a burning bridge might act surprised when they realize that the only thing that could stop the founder of MUXE from continuing is to end the functioning of its heartbeat and braincells.

4 thoughts on “MUXE TOKEN Will Swap from ERC20 to BEP20 for a future of Chain Bridging

  1. Calibra says:

    I knew that Muxe would come through at the end. That is why invested a decent amount in it. This seed will grow in a beautiful flower.

  2. Joseph Lipps says:

    Hi Jaimy. Nice to see this is still going.
    I’ll swap my Muxe and see where the future leads us


    • BSCN Jaimy says:

      Good to see you here after all these years Jojo, MUXE will always continue one way or another. This chance came on our path and we are glad to be able to continue!

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