MUXE Requests Immediate Delisting from the Aircoins App Due to Unclear Future Vision of the founder Emal Safi.

We never quite know where Cryptocurrencies are leading us. Every cryptocurrency project is totally based on the vision and actions of those that found a cryptocurrency project. Of course, this is very understandable as any business that is founded will always have a certain approach and direction. Business would not be business if it wasn’t that way.

Of course, this is no guarantee that everything will work out as a project founder sometimes intends to. Despite the fact that Aircoins is a beautifully crafted application that we have written about many times in the past. Aircoins is often compared with the Pokemon Go app of the Cryptocurrency world especially because of the fact that they have been a “leading project” in augmented / virtual reality (Or so they believe). If Aircoins was developed 20% as steady as Pokemon Go then of course we would be talking of a world-class application that is next level, allowing users to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrencies themself to then spread them around in the application. A real Blockchain-based use case that would live in Augmented Virtuality.

Does the Aircoins application support interaction with Blockchain or not?

Even though at first sight the Aircoins app looks like a blockchain-powered application that allows users to sustain the application by dropping tokens in their neighbourhoods themselves which then can be withdrawn by others, nothing is less true at this moment in time.

When we take a look at the Aircoins Powerpoint Presentation document then we see a few indications that point out that the vision of Aircoins is strongly backed by the interaction of Blockchain technology, advanced smart contract routers and simple Web3JS integrations to support the interaction between the Aircoins app and the blockchain.

When we study the image above we see a few key points that make Aircoins the augmented app of the future. All though let’s have a closer look at some of the key points. The Aircoins application claims the following features should be present in the “near future”.

  • Purchase In-game upgrades through the app store
  • Purchase digital land in the aircoins app
  • Withdraw digital assets to a blockchain wallet
  • Redeem AIRX for DASH, BTC, ETH and Gift cards.
  • Swap AIRX for NFT Game Assets or In-game tool upgrades

Overall the vision of Aircoins is truly amazing and the idea is great. However, some of these ideas have been around for a few years and claims that new updates such as Withdrawing digital assets should reach the Aircoins app in the near future.

Though when you come around anyone that ones were a fanatic Aircoin user the first thing they will say is that they feel that the Aircoins application has missed its momentum, that they haven’t reached what they believed they would or the most common answer: Didn’t they promise to withdraw cryptocurrencies from within the app by now?

Let’s be fair to Emal Safi the founder of Aircoins. The Aircoins application is an amazing product and there is no discredit whatsoever. But Aircoins is not a blockchain-based app and it’s very unlikely that Aircoins will consider launching the Self Withdrawal feature in the near future.

But what drives this decision?

Why won’t Aircoins open up the self withdrawal feature already?

Let’s take a deeper look into why Aircoins has not achieved to introduce the self withdrawal feature after all this time. To get a better understanding the first thing we need to explain is the difference between how blockchain or crypto can be integrated into daily-use applications.

There are several options on how an application like Aircoins could interact with blockchain technology.

Direct interaction with the blockchain via Smart Contracts & Web3JS

Let’s assume Aircoins would support Smart Contracts for the allocation of token rewards and Web3JS for the integration and display into the Aircoins application. Upon opening Aircoins during the registration process you would connect with an application like Metamask or Trustwallet. Users would then verify their wallets and from thereon the Aircoins environment would register users their wallets directly into the system.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this

Some of the advantages:

  • Aircoins users are able to earn crypto and immediately associate them with their wallets
  • Smart contracts can keep track of what one has “discovered” / “harvested” before it is being requested to payout
  • Users decide what they want to cash out not the Aircoins team
  • The Aircoins team does no longer need to cover the gass fees

Some of the disadvantages

  • Aircoins can built-in live tracker tools to trace wallet owners wereever they are
  • Smart Contracts can contain exploitable code which then can be used to drain the assets.
  • If Aircoins GPS tool gets compromised organised crime could track the location of a wallet holder and steal it from them.
  • Earning coins may be slower depending on the techniques that are being used.

Aircoins based on offchain technology instead of blockchain technology (The reality)

Knowing that building an application like Aircoins is 100% based on blockchain technology require massive amounts of preparation, professionals, expensive auditing teams and more to ensure the quality, stability and security of blockchain-based applications. However, one topic that the Aircoins team seems to avoid strongly is the fact that their application is 100% “Off-chain” based and has no interaction with “Blockchain” technology whatsoever other than that they represent beautifully designed 3D Coins (Solid respect to the 3D design team of Aircoins)
Eventually, they are the part that stands out in Aircoins by far.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Off-chain technology and how this applies to Aircoins

some of the advantages

  • Off-chain technology allows instant transactions from A to B with zero delay or cost involvement.
  • There are no technical limits to off-chain technology aslong as the code allows it to.
  • Everything can be managed from 100% centralised environment which can be interesting for a project founder.
  • Project founders can charge their own fee while there is no blockchain fee involved.
  • Users can often use tokens for unique features that are currently less-explored in the market.

Some of the disadvantages

  • Off-chain technology is often 100% based on database data.
  • Off-chain technology can be heavily bug abused, manipulated or hacked into.
  • Off-chain technology nearly always use one or two wallets to store all the crypto
  • Off-chain technology is a risk for end-users when an application stops functioning, when a company goes bankrupt or when a project founder runs off.
  • If the wallet off-chain application is lost for whatever reason so is all the crypto stored on the off-chain application.

There are a dozen of other reasons why Off-chain technology has both many advantages and disadvantages.
What is important to keep In mind is the fact that Aircons is in fact an off-chain based cryptocurrency oriented application and by no means a blockchain-based application (Perhaps this will be the case in the future).

Reason why MUXE requests an immediate delisting & refund

Over the past few months, the team of MUXE have tried hard to co-op with the needs of the Aircoins team to ensure a smooth transition of the ERC20 to BEP20 swap procedure. One of the very first things we did was getting in touch with the founder of Aircoins “Emal Safi”. Emal asked us several questions and immediately made it noticeable that he wasn’t keen on the way the MUXE Token swap procedure would take place.

Of course, this is more than fine, every project has its unique approaches and there is nothing more exciting that every individual project founder has the right to do so long as it applies to the “global” laws and business ethics. When the MUXE token swap was finally completed we learned that most of the tokens were not distributed among users yet (This was verified by Emal Safi later on).

Also whenever users want to withdraw cryptocurrency tokens from the application Aircoins does not allow them to unless they have a redeemable market value of over $10. The fact that MUXE tokens themselves have no market value yet may be used to stake other tokens such as Swap tokens, Aircoins and several others is the reason why many people are now interested in withdrawing their MUXE tokens.

Emal Safi has openly spoken to Jaimy de Vries that he is highly annoyed that his precious time is being wasted by a (to his words) “Worthless” token. However, one thing that the founder of Aircoins seems to have forgotten about is that it doesn’t really matter or not whether or not he feels that his time is being wasted. What matters is that the tokens that he has distributed among the users, first of all, belong to those users and let’s not forget when a project at first sent tokens to the founders of Aircoins it is not to have the founders of Aircoins keep them.

As far as we have seen once you sent your tokens to the team of Aircoins they decide how the future spread of these tokens will take place. When they don’t like the direction of a project they will use their tool as a virtual monopoly to put pressure on project founders or to make sure their gass fee budget remains sustainable for more important purposes.

Of course, Emal Safi is 100% in his right to do so, after all, it’s his “Off-chain environment” and he’s the sheriff of the Airx Town. But let’s not forget what kind of impression this sets off to the public, founders of cryptocurrencies and perhaps regulation of crypto in general.

If small/medium-sized project founders are already capable to apply this kind of rules and decide whether or not users will ever redeem the tokens they exercise for or whether or not project founders will ever see a return (rather than the very unfair spread of the tokens between Aircoins App users and the Aircoins Founding Board that we most likely have discovered based on Emal Safi his actions).

Emal Safi is fully aware of the above situation and has even made some pretty bold statements that we have decided not to include in this publication due to the fact that we are understanding people who get that it’s not easy what Aircoins is trying to achieve. We never intended to be in a public discredit situation with Aircoins and hope that over time Emal Safi will find the best ways to proceed with the future of the Aircoins application.

Meanwhile, Jaimy de Vries has let Emal Safi know that he understands it isn’t easy to deal with the gass fees especially knowing that there is no way to cover these gass fees based on the value of the MUXE Tokens. That is why the MUXE Team has requested a full refund of all the MUXE tokens including a datasheet of all users and their “MUXE Token Holdings”. Users will then be able to request a withdrawal directly via the MUXE team.

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