Munch Charity Token Community Choose Save the Children as Charitable Cause

DeFi should be about more than just memes and green arrows. Learn more about Munch to find out how to give back.

Munching for the Children

The community for the Munch Charity token has picked the Save the Children Fund as the next charitable cause to receive the benefits from the Munch ecosystem.

The voting occurred over three days on the Munch Voting Page between September 10-13, where Save the Children won nearly 65% of the vote. The partnership helps Munch pursue active on-the-ground work in remote places across the globe, where children live in dire situations. There is more to blockchain and crypto than just gainz and memes. What the Munch Project exemplifies is an altruistic endeavor we can all appreciate. 

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with @SaveThechildren to help provide a better future for the new generation. Save The Children is a global leader in child health, education, protection; having helped over 45 million children globally in 2020 by providing education, medicine, COVID-19 support, child poverty, hunger relief, and more,” Munch COO, Mike Si, told BSC.News. “We’re proud for the Munch community to play a role in supporting such meaningful causes to make the world a better place.”

Since launching in April 2021, Munch Charity token has been working to take a bite out of each decentralized finance (DeFi) interaction to give back positively. Munch has already started giving back and has accumulated over 1.4 ETH, or over $3,500 USD in just a few days. This may seem like small cash when it comes to the volume and liquidity thrown around on DeFi. But even the little help from Munch will help Save the Children directly impact the lives of suffering children. Munch is a token available on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.


How Does MUNCH Help?

Save the Children beat out two other reputable humanitarian groups, The Hunger Project and World Central Kitchen. Save the Children Federation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization with a proven track record to efficiently use over 85% of donations. 

The Fund has transformed child emergency care with the ability to mobilize world-class health professionals to work for children in crisis anywhere in the world within 72 hours. 

According, the Munch blog spotlight about Save the Children, the community will be able to impact in the following ways directly:

$50 can provide enough food to keep three children from going hungry for a month

$150 can wrap warm, cozy blankets around 30 children affected by conflict

$300 can provide 150 face masks to refugee health workers on the front lines


So far, Munch has donated a total of 965.61 ETH, over $3 Million, since it launched in early 2021. The Munch Project previously sponsored The Hunger Project and charity: water. 

Munch Charity Circle

The Munch team has been building more mechanisms for token hodlers to participate in charitable initiatives. The group looks to initiate a donation group called the Munch Charity Circle. This group looks to highlight the industry partners working with Munch.

A leaderboard will accompany the initiative to help keep a tally of which organizations provide donations through Munch. Munch hopes to build their donor partnerships from groups around crypto and notably received their first partner BankEth token, who donated $10,000 donation last month to charity: water. 


Charity Staking and Farming

The Munch team also plans to begin staking and farming to their platform. Described as “a pivotal development to generate more rewards and liquidity for investors,” bringing staking to Munch will give investors the flexibility to provide rewards directly to the charity of their choice. 

BSC.News obtained exclusive details to the staking and farming details.  Users will not have to pay the seven percent tax when providing and removing liquidity through the farming contract, meaning there are no fees associated when harvesting to a charity. 

The staking and farming will only launch with the ability to donate to the chose charity, but Munch has plans to build out a dashboard with multiple charities for staking and rewards. The best part about staking will be the win-win rewards from the single asset staking. 

“When staking in our single asset staking pools, not only will users receive their regular token redistribution, but also a share of the redistribution on the funds of the pool itself! This is of course in addition to the staking rewards,” Munch told BSC.News.


Currently, the $MUNCH Token has 8230 only holders. The token has a circulating supply of 86.35 Trillion and a market capitalization on the smaller side of $7,092,852. The current trading price for $MUNCH is $0.00000008303, according to CoinMarketCap.

Multichain and Fiat Connections

The team at Munch is also hard at work developing both fiat to crypto service and an arbitrage bot to facilitate $Munch token trades between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. 

The arbitrage bot will automatically trade Munch between the two networks to help facilitate trade where any profits from transactions will be used to add into liquidity, buy-backs, and marketing funds.

The team informed BSC.News they are building a widget to purchase $MUNCH along with any ERC-20 or BEP-20 coins using common payment methods such as Credit/Debit Card or Apple Pay. 

The team hopes to offer the services to different payment facilitators, in which Munch can obtain a small fee to give back further. 

Where to find Munch Charity Token:

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