Munch Charity Token Adds Staking, Updates Website

Major upgrades to Munch will give users more ability to donate to the cause at hand.

Staking and Farming for Munch

Munch has been hot to hit the milestones in its roadmap and is implementing some game-changing features. The Munch team updated their website on top of providing increased utility for the $MUNCH token through the integration of staking and farming

The Munch team provided some of the details of their latest developments exclusively to BSC News as they continue to please hodlers and its partnered charities. The new features will be available on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum, each equipped with the customizable option to allow holders to decide their donation percentage without a transaction fee. 

The Munch project is the only charity project withgame-changer this unique feature, and was particularly excited to share their sentiments. 

“This isn’t just your regular copy-paste farming contract either, we built it from the ground up. Both our BSC and ETH chains will be able to be staked, and the best feature is the ability to allocate a chosen % of your rewards to our current charity partner,” the Munch team disclosed exclusively to BSC News. “We also found a way to waive the munch transaction tax when providing/removing liquidity. I believe we are the first reflection model project to accomplish this!”


Munch is on a mission greater than crypto. With so much wealth being generated across crypto, finding and seeing projects like Munch grow and succeed is encouraging. Munch told BSC News that in the future, it hopes to bring even more flexibility to allow more staking and more charities to benefit. 

Since announcing their latest charity in Save the Children, the Munch Team has donated over 17.65 ETH ($70k) in just over a month. The project has cumulatively donated over 1,000 ETH—more than $3.8 Million—since April 2021 to several notable international charities, including Give WellCharity: Water, and Yellow Brick Road Project.

Staking Features:

The staking features are live through the Munch website. The standard Munch redistribution rewards will continue to apply on all staked tokens as well as the Liquidity Pools (LPs). 

The standard Munch rewards will, of course, be given on top of the increased Annual Percentage Yields (APY) earned through providing tokens.

Staking Details:

45 days – 24% APY, minimum 1 Billon $Munch and maximum 250 Billion $Munch

90 days – 36% APY, minimum 15 Billon $Munch and maximum 150 Billion $Munch

180 days – 49% APY, minimum 10 Billon $Munch and maximum 100Billion $Munch

All the farms are nearly full still, so there is still a ton to munch up. The Munch token can be purchased on decentralized exchanges like PancakeSwap for BSC.


A Growing Charity

The Charity token is expected to bring in new partners for their Charity Circle Initiative, a charity consortium looking to bring together projects across Decentralized Finance. The Munch team hopes this will bring in more than $100k in funds from groups like Safemoon Inu.

The Munch team has built a charity scoreboard on their site to list all the top users and groups who have donated to help their chosen causes. The feature adds a touch of friendly competition to the great cause at hand.

The Munch team is also working on a Fiat-to-Crypto feature for their website that the team dub’s a ‘game changer.’ The feature is still in development but will allow any ERC token to be purchased right on the Munch website using a debit card. The prototype is still on testnet, and there is a preview available on the Munch website at this time.

The Munch team has barely been around for six months but seems on the right path to make a positive difference. The amount they have already donated has been enough to lift and improve thousands of lives around the world. That already is commendable. 

Where to find Munch Charity Token:

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