MultiPad Putting An End To Paltry IDO Allocations


MultiPad aims to address the main two problems with the current crypto launchpad model:

    Low allocations are given to investors;

    The inefficiency of first-come, first-served token sales.

MultiPad IDOs will give ample guaranteed allocations to successfully-whitelisted investors, so no gas wars—everyone can take their time to buy.

‘Committed to Community’ is MultiPad motto—all investors will pay the same price of $0.05 for $MPAD, including strategic partners and venture capital groups.

If investors don’t win a whitelist spot for an upcoming IDO, MultiPad’s ‘bad luck protection’ will ensure a bigger chance of winning a spot for the next IDO.

What’s the exact problem?

Launchpads in crypto are facing two major conflicting criticisms—small allocations in IDOs and the problems with first-come, first-served token sales. Small allocations are a result of certain platforms trying to give a piece of the IDO pie to every holder of their governance token. But if they have a lot of holders, then that’s a guaranteed but very small crumb of pie to each buyer. Conversely, other platforms don’t offer guaranteed allocations so that there is a bigger piece of pie for each buyer but to do this, the sale is run on a first-come, first-served basis, resulting in ungainly gas wars and failed transactions.

So what is MultiPad’s solution?

Guaranteed allocations that won’t leave investors hoping for a 100x multiple to make a decent profit. Hold $MPAD (10000 minimum) for whitelist lottery tickets. Win a spot and you can take your time to buy your rightful bag—no need to try and beat everyone with excruciating gas. If there are still unsold tokens left at the end of the round, they will roll over to another round, for another chance to add more. MultiPad will also have an ‘Elite’ Tier for the big token bag holders, which guarantees the wallet a whitelist spot, bypassing the lottery. The guaranteed spot is also on offer to top liquidity providers staking on the MultiPad platform. So, plenty of ways to get a juicy allocation size. Visual example: if the total project raise is $1,000,000, then MultiPad will whitelist 1,000 winners, each with a $1,000 maximum allocation.

What else is MultiPad offering?

MultiPad is ‘Committed to Community’ and the community is both investors and the IDO partners—but what does that mean? Firstly, every investor buying $MPAD in the token sale will pay the same low price of $0.05. Seed investors approached MultiPad looking for favourable terms but the platform only agreed to work with groups who understand their mandate to be as fair as possible and were happy to pay the same price as everyone else. WealthUnion, Topkek Partners and Dutch Crypto Investors are the first strategic partners for the project, and they will lend their valuable expertise, knowledge and connections to bring quality projects and help make MultiPad a success.

As well as their resolve on the investment side of things, MultiPad will try to give all $MPAD holders the chance to be involved in their IDOs, with their ‘Bad Luck Protection’ device. More will be revealed about this feature soon but the team will strive to ensure that everyone in the community will have a chance to participate by increasing your chances of winning the next lottery if you don’t win the current one.

Addressing potential partner projects and their roles in Multipad’s community, launchpads are populated by people who always intend to ‘flip’ their IDO token buys for a quick profit, then move onto the next one. Short of blacklisting wallets, this will always be an axiom of launchpad IDOs and admittedly, not conducive to the early life of projects. By design, the MultiPad platform could help tackle this dilemma—flippers will flip, but long-term investors will find holding more rewarding. And the system will always be under constant review, to achieve and keep delivering a fair system to the entire community.

Finally, MultiPad is aiming for wide ecosystem compatibility, so while they are starting by launching on Binance Smart Chain with Polygon integration imminent, Solana, Avalanche and Cardano are firmly on the short- and mid-term roadmap. Find out more and apply to the $MPAD public sale whitelist at

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