Multigaming – Building a Metaverse Platform Model

The platform seeks to build a multi-faceted ecosystem that enhances the metaverse experience.

Breaking Ground

Since 2021, the metaverse concept has remained at a high level of buzz, with all parties actively laying out a “new track” of the metaverse. But if a metaverse project is a platform for online multiplayer games or is supported by VR/AR, UGC, and other aspects, this may not be enough.

In a production relationship, users can exercise the right to build the entire metaverse ecology as the blood of the whole ecology. They can unleash tremendous development potential by combining the upstream and downstream resources more closely, opening up the various service links of the ecology while returning the ecological development leadership to the users.

A Diverse Metaverse

Multigaming Metaverse is a “real virtual world” built on Web 3.0 that combines gaming, virtual social, VR/AR devices, AI technology, cloud technology, and blockchain technology. Multigaming is a community-driven, UGC content eco-platform that connects gaming terminals and empowers users with a metaverse ecosystem. Multigaming was created by Cuplay, a metaverse ecosystem development company, and Golden Metaverse Foundation, a capital agency.

In the Multigaming Metaverse, users can express themselves, create their worlds, connect with others and enter a universe without boundaries, groundbreaking and diverse.

In the initial phase of the project, Multigaming creates a community-driven, Play-to-earn platform by combining GameFi and NFT, connecting the entire ecosystem through its platform token ZQB.

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Ecosystem: DAO, GameFi, NFTs, and DeFi

Game publishers

An important part of the Multigaming ecosystem is the inclusion of quality platform games. Quality game projects will work together with new metaverse builders to explore more possibilities. It also bridges the perceived gap between premium game publishers in the metaverse.


Multigaming is a player-controlled Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) economy where everyone is a decision-maker in the development of a project. Holders have the right to vote on community business, elect teams and prioritize participation in events. All participants are bound by smart contracts to create, capture and distribute community value together, which is also in line with the vision of Web 3.0.

NFT Market

MARKET PLACE is a place where you can trade various game props Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), such as mining tools, mining workers, and land. With the NFT market embedded in the platform, users can take the NFTs they create and upload them to the marketplace and integrate them into their games, filling the shortcomings of the traditional NFT marketplace of low interest and matching the needs of player-users.

Platform Games – Modeling the Metaverse

In the design of the Multigaming platform, NFTs are also a kind of “mining machine”. Different NFTs have different “counting power” depending on the type of NFT, which can be generated by pledging NFTs to earn tokens. That is the logic behind the mining game, DeFi-NFT mining.

One of the core aspects of Multigaming mining is creating a positive feedback system. If there is a massive opportunity for the platform token ZQB price to rise, more people will be willing to trade in their tokens for the double benefit of the upside difference and the profit from mining out ZQB. That will increase their mining revenue and holdings dividends revenue, thus further pushing up the ecological token price, thus forming a positive feedback system.

BREW MASTER – the Entrance to the Multigaming Ecosystem

BREW MASTER is a 3D simulation game (SIM) based on BNB Chain that combines simulation, farming, mining, pledging, trading, DeFi, and NFTs. It features a brewery simulation where players travel back in time to a 100-year-old brewing empire. BREW MASTER has a wealthy Play to Earn mode, where players build their virtual world. 

Interpreting the ZQB Economic Model

The total amount of ZQB is constant, with a mintage of 2 billion pieces. It is worth mentioning that ZQB is the native token for the entire platform and the embodiment of Multigaming’s complete system governance function and value.

(ZQB economic model)

The current officially disclosed application scenarios include purchasing game props, land auction leasing, holding coins for dividends, participating in liquidity mining, having ecological voting governance, and forming deflation under continuous destruction through the destruction mechanism.

In the future, the practical application of ZQB will be extended to more different projects and games in the entire metaverse ecology. 

The Strategic Value of Multigaming Metaverse

The GameFi metaverse is only one part of a huge industry ecosystem. Multigaming takes this as an entry point and officially announces its march towards the metaverse 

Multigaming ecology connects platform player users, NFT users and partners of quality projects. Its value lies in integrating the entire GameFi ecosystem resources and linking them together.

With the development of the Multigaming platform business, the scope, usage scenarios and value of ZQB will continue to increase. The ability to build a virtuous eco-cycle system through ZQB and participate in community building through NFTs and GameFi  is undoubtedly a win-win initiative for all parties.

As the Multigaming platform grows, the scope, use and value of ZQB will continue to increase, entering a virtuous ecosystem.


Multigaming is launching an airdrop event from March 7th to March 14th, 2022, to reward early participants in the ecology. Their website will also be continuously updated with news. 

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