Much Anticipated Blockchain Game Age of Tanks Makes its Grand Debut Amidst Great Fanfare

3D turn-based strategy card game Age of Tanks (AOT) has officially launched on May 1st 2021.

Debut Of Age Of Tanks 

The much anticipated 3D turn-based strategy card game set in an immersive metaverse, Age of Tanks (AOT) was officially launched on M, 2022. With the Age of Tanks’s official launch having taken place, the full version of the game is now available to all players worldwide.

This much awaited full release took place after multiple rounds of optimizations and improvements to the gameplay taking into account the extensive feedback and experiences gained during its Alpha and Beta launch which involved over 12,000 Hours of testing from more than 23,000 unique wallets connected, saw over 1 million battles played and garnered over 2,500 feedback. As such, the game looks set to be fully capable of delivering interactive, world-class play-to-earn gaming experience to its large community that is highly enjoyable.

Age of Tanks is an authentic blockchain game that not only features exciting, innovative gameplay and elaborately designed tank NFTs set in an immersive metaverse. It can also boast of having a strong community and sound economic system to support and sustain the growth in value of its in-game token, the $A.O.T as well as its in-game NFTs.

The AOT’s community currently includes a number of guilds, scholars, influencers, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and more than 8 million followers across 12 nations worldwide and is widely expected to see further increments after its official launch. 

In addition, the AOT’s Free-to-Play model, where everyone can participate in the game and Play-to-Earn, is highly conducive to and supportive of the AOT community’s sustained growth in the long-term.

AOT’s tokenomics is centered around creating utility and demand for the $A.O.T, empowering NFTs holders by providing them with choices on how to use their NFTs which include options such as staking and managed play-to-earn.  

Key avenues of utility for the $A.O.T. include DeFi staking to earn rewards, minting of tank NFTs, purchase of land, increasing one’s chances of forging higher rarity parts and assembly of higher rarity tank NFTs. 

Members of the AOT community and definitely look forward to multiple thrilling events ahead to mark the AOT’s Official Launch as its team look toward further growing the AOT and spreading its footprint to every single corner of the world.




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