Who else wants to make an earning through a token? Or do you want to add value to your token? Mr. Shillz gives you this opportunity by allowing you to buy and sell products and services by directing half of the revenue to increase the tokens’ value.

Let’s dig in deeper! Mr. Shillz is a cryptocurrency that is supported by a powerful team and community, with the goal of rewarding token holders with money created by the firm. Shillz is an outstanding stock to buy and own because of its smooth yields and solid base.

You don’t need what they can’t supply as a one-stop-shop for crypto-related marketing. Let’s get to know more about Mr.shillz, including what it is, how to acquire it, and how to protect your token.


Mr. Shillz is a token that intends to return money to its holders by promoting other tokens. We want to make a currency with real-world applications and a robust community to help us along the way. We believe in assisting the larger community. Thus our token omics have various characteristics to assure their long-term viability.

At Mr. Shillz Token, we’re committed to developing a cryptocurrency with a different use case and a distinct community. Cryptocurrency has evolved into a new enterprise for the future, uniting investors from all over the world in communities with various passions, perspectives, and ideas.

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network powers this coin. Binance Chain is a blockchain network that runs in parallel with the BSC. The Binance Smart Chain adds to our community’s compatibility by allowing them to invest using Ethereum-based wallets like MetaMask.On will be able to buy Mr.Shillz after the presale. Presale at Mr.Shillz is unique because of the selection criteria, which decrease the presale dumping. On Pancake Swap V2, you’ll be able to buy the coin by exchanging BNB for Mr. Shillz Tokens (PSv2).

Our Services:

  • Experienced Crypto Professional:

An active member from Finland works in the community to manage the crypto token digitally.

  • Eligible Candidates:

There are two separate groups such as the Official Chat and the founding members.

Mr. Shillz has the best benefits for founding members. Founding members are crème de la crème of investors and are at a greater privilege. They get first rights on more responsibility and well-paid positions in organization, are automatically granted safelists in projects we collaborate with, and have access to confidential information from famous crypto experts, among other things. After one month of holding, a regular member can apply to become a founding member. Find out when you’ll be able to apply.

  • Job opportunities at Mr. Shillz:

A large number of employment vacancies for active, qualified members are available. Following initial selection, the appropriate training is offered to the selected founding members. But also, to qualify, employees must have a specific number of tokens.

  • Reward:

Mr. Shillz puts a whopping 50 percent of earnings into the token

  • Shilling Army:

Shilling army is there for you as well. They help to promote and enhance the knowledge of people so they can make better decisions while investing money in Mr.Shillz Token

  • Principles:

1. Long-term perspective:

We feel that this coin has the potential to become something useful in reality.

2. Assisting the community at large:

We want to provide everyone with trustworthy tokens so they can make better investment decisions.

3. Objectivity:

We aim to form a solid relationship with those who have invested in our coin and believe in the future potential of Mr. Shillz token.

Mr. Shillz Token Characteristics

Mr. Shillz is a new form of digital currency that has been around for a while and is widely utilized in online commerce. What are the qualities of Mr.shillz crypto? What makes this cryptocurrency so unique? Let’s have a look at some of its characteristics.

  • Price:

The price is set by the initial liquidity pool (250 bnb) and the purchase pressure.

The fact that buyers must pay half of our revenue by purchasing the token itself increases the purchase pressure significantly.

  • Permissionless:

Anybody can use the system without requiring specific credentials.

  • Decentralized:

 A single central authority does not control the system. Instead, it operates according to the rules set out by the network protocol.

  • Transparency:

All parties may see and verify the protocol’s rules and transactions.


Every purchase is subject to an 8% tax, and every sale is subject to a 16 percent tax. All taxes are evenly distributed among four sections:

1. Availability of liquid assets

2. Tokens are destroyed after each exchange, making them more valuable.

3. Redistribution of wealth

4. Dev Wallet A portion of each transaction is utilized to cover any token development costs.

 BUY TAX – 8%SELL TAX – 16%
Dev Wallet2%4%  

Safety At Mr.Shillz:

We’ve thoroughly researched all of the influencers we link with projects to ensure they haven’t purchased subscriptions, botted/paid views, or anything else.

We have a two-level private KYC (Know Your Customer) system:

1) Obligatory option:

 Every project developer with whom we collaborate must doxx me confidentially in real-time. (Name, identity, contact information confirmed by showing mail, live stream of house they reside in, current job/educational institution) This is included in the marketing package at no additional cost. However, it cannot be used as a recommendation. This is only for our safety.

2) Optional referral: (3bnb for developer and 1bnb for each team member)

This information is kept in our vault and can be used as a proposal. Dev X has also completed our KYC system and is held in our database, as displayed on our website. As a result, developers can use this as a reference that they have been doxxed to a third party at any moment.

How to become a part of Mr. Shillz?

An advanced approach based on a selection procedure. To reduce the practice of preliminary offloading, everyone asking for a seat in advance must go through an evaluation.

The team’s procedure is lengthy, but the ultimate product is well worth it.

More Information about Mr Shillz:

To get more information about Mr.Shillz, you can email us at [email protected] or join us at telegram now through this link:

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