Mozik NFT Announces Double IDO on June 6th & 7th

The first IDO will be on BSCPad and the second will feature on Ignition.

Mozik: The Music Platform of the Future

Mozik is a decentralized music platform which utilizes NFTs with the goal of building a better and fairer music ecosystem. Through its platform Mozik uses blockchain technology to register earnings through music copyright, super-star IP, and IP derivatives on-chain. Mozik argues that this system will allow all participants in the ecosystem including creators, publishers, customers and fans to be able to participate in a fair manner. It also contends that Mozik will lower publishing costs and incentivize musicians to create more and better music, placing power back into the hands of artists to exercise control over their creations.

The Mozik app has already onboarded significant numbers of users (10 million as of writing) and has organized over 150 music events. Now, after considerable preparation, Mozik is finally ready for its token launch event. The company has planned for a dual IDO to launch its native token $MOZ, launching on two separate platforms.


Mozik ($MOZ) BSCPad IDO Details:

Launch Date: Sunday, June 6th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: 5:00 AM UTC

Allocation Round Open: 8:00 AM UTC

Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open: 1:00 PM UTC

PancakeSwap Listing Date/Time: Monday, June 7th, Time TBD

Total Tokens Available on BSCPAD: 5,000,000 $MOZ

Price Per $MOZ: $0.02 BUSD

Vesting Schedule: 33.33% at TGE, then 33.33% per month for 2 months

Whitelisting (Open through June 6th)

Mozik ($MOZ) Ignition IDO Details:

IDO Launch: Monday, June 7th

Galaxy Pool Opens: 11:00 AM UTC

Moon Pool Opens: 11:30 AM UTC

Total Tokens Available on Ignition: 9,000,000 $MOZ

Price Per $MOZ: $0.02

Allocation Size Per Ticket: $150

Vesting Schedule: 33.33% at TGE, then 33.33% per month for 2 months

Whitelist: Closed

KYC: Open until June 7

Full details on the IDOs and how to participate are available on the Mozik blog.

Final Thoughts

Mozik has already done much of the hard work to promote its platform and build its user base. Now, with the launch of $MOZ, the native token of the Mozik ecosystem, Mozik will be looking to take their music platform to the next level. With strong foundations to build upon, it will be interesting to observe how far Mozik can go. A platform that places the onus of licensing back onto the artist (similar to Indie labels) could end up sparking a new wave of composition – and possibly change the music industry dramatically.

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