MovingOn Finance AMA recap

Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily I’m Daley and today, I’m joined by Smith William CEO at MovingOn Finance

Good day to you Smith, how’s everything?

Smith William: Hello everyone. Everything is fine

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s what we love to hear I hope the team is staying solid in recent market condition too, BTC doesn’t spare anyone

Smith William: Yes

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s great! Whenever you’re ready to start the AMA, let me know! If you want to say anything first to the community, feel free to as well! So, are we all set to begin Smith?

Smith William: Yeah we are ready for AMA

Cryptodaily Admin: Alright So to begin our AMA, I have some introductory questions here:

Q1. Could you please introduce briefly about the MovingOn Finance’s Team? Are you public?

Smith William: My team comes from many countries around the world. We are all associated through crypto and with many years of experience we decided to build this project. There are some members from some countries with strict crypto regulations so we need time to establish a company with clear legal regulation. Then all team members will be public. And to gain investors’ trust, we have audited and renounced Ownership of smart contracts.

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok understandable, that’s the common approach of crypto projects actually. And we would love to know more about the audits as well! Let’s talk about that in later questions

Smith William: Yeah thanks for understanding

Cryptodaily Admin: For now, I can see that MovingOn Finance is doing something different here. So here comes my next questions:

Q2. What is Drive-To-Earn? Can you give us and the community a better understanding of it?

Smith William: Thanks for your question. Drive-To-Earn is a new feature of the Move-To-Earn trend that makes the difference between our project and the others. With Drive-To-Earn, users who own transport vehicles such as motorbikes and cars can participate in Drive activities to receive rewards. The application uses GPS Global Positioning System to measure distance and combine with other devices to anti-cheat. 

Cryptodaily Admin: This is the first time that I’ve heard about this. Given that a huge amount of people have cars and use them everyday, hopefully this idea can catch on. Currently, the Move-to-earn mechanism is becoming a trend. After the success of $GMT, there have been many Move-to-earn projects launched, and most of them have no products

Smith William: yes this idea based on reality

Cryptodaily Admin: That’s what move-to-earn is all about too, connecting reality and web3. As we see your project builds both Move-to-earn and Drive-to-earn, almost no team has been able to do this. So my next question is:

Q3: Can we know how you have developed products like this and what is the progress?

Smith William: Thanks Daley. As you know, to develop a product requires a lot of time for building code and testing. We successfully developed a Walking application 1 year ago, based on that we developed other features and integrated blockchain to create MOVON application. We will be releasing a demo version on both iOS and Android platforms next week. Some demo images have also been published on the website. We will update every step of the project on our social media accounts like twitter, discord, telegram,.. and the roadmap, you guys can follow to check our progress.


Telegram Channel:

Telegram Group:




Cryptodaily Admin: Here it is! Check them out peeps, dyor Ah so you have built a web2 fitness application on walking before. Is the app now moved to Movon? or it’s a separate app on IOS?

Smith William: We still continue developing walking app to Movon app, it’s not a separate app

Cryptodaily Admin: Ok, let’s get back to the “Drive-to-earn” mechanism cause I do want to know how does that work

Q4. Drive-to-earn is something very novel. Do you think it will become a new trend and how will it apply to real life?

Smith William: Yes we’re absolutely sure, we will lead the trend of Drive-To-Earn. The idea about Drive-To-Earn is based on reality. Cars with different characteristics and durability will have different profit margins. You’ll earn coins for completing your rides, which suits tech taxi drivers (Uber, Lyft, Grab, Didi, Ola,…). Nowaday, The taxi market is very developed, the project will help drivers have a dual income. MovingOn Finance will become well-known when drivers share with each other, as you know the taxi driver’s community is very huge, this will help expand our community.

Cryptodaily Admin: So is that your targeted audience? Taxi drivers? 

Smith William: No, our targeted audience is everyone but it will suit taxi drivers most

Cryptodaily Admin: I think this relates to the earning mechanism of MovingOn Finance. So let’s head to that actually:

Q5: Earning mechanism is one of the issues that players are very interested in when participating, the ROI rate is very important. Surely you have thought about this and are prepared. So please elaborate on how MovingOn Finance sustains its ROI?

Smith William: We have calculated the suitable ROI to attract players, the profit will depend on the NFT and the activity that the players will participate in. This is detailed here:

Cryptodaily Admin: Please read this carefully, chat! I would leave the questions about ROI to the audience since nobody is the same in this matter

Smith William: Okay cool

Cryptodaily Admin: My next question is going to be about your marketing to attract more players

Q6: Have you done the marketing campaign yet? Are there any specific images, videos or links to show us?

Smith William: We have implemented many marketing campaigns, specifically:

1. Airdrop campaign:

2. Ads campaign on platforms: Poocoin, Facebook,…

3. AMA in communities

4. Collaborate with influencers

5. Media partners: yahoo news, yahoo finance, Techbullion, Baidu, Benzinga,…

6. Promotional images and videos:

About Move-To-Earn:

About Drive-To-Earn:

7. Composing and releasing songs exclusively for MovingOn Finance: upcoming

Cryptodaily Admin: Can we still participate in the airdrop?

Smith William: Sure, it still has 13 days left for you guys to join, good luck

Q7: What about events or tournaments to attract players, do you currently have any?

Smith William: That’s a nice question. We will organize competitions to connect the community after the official launch of MOVON application. There will be formal competitions such as solo, duo, team 3-4-5, .. regional and world competitions. Everything is on our plan.

Cryptodaily Admin: You mean driving tournaments? I would love to see that happening! Movon Drift

Smith William: That’s a good idea! if we can organize a driving tournament, we will invite you first

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s best to compete on who’s been driving the longest in a month, not on racing though

Smith William: But that’s still a good idea thank you

Cryptodaily Admin: I noticed we’ve not been talking about your tokenomics and economic model. So my next question is:

Q8. What is the application of the two tokens MOVON and MEARN? What is the mechanism of deflation?

Smith William: Inflation is an important issue related to the development of the project. We have researched carefully and released 2 tokens MOVON and MEARN to solve this problem. Details are described in the table below: MOVON token will be the main token, MEARN token will be the reward token

Cryptodaily Admin: But we can also use MEARN to buy NFTs too

Smith William: Yes, but it will have limit

Cryptodaily Admin: Please elaborate

Smith William: All MEARN tokens purchased NFT will be burned, this avoids inflation for reward tokens. But the number of NFTs sold with MEARN tokens will be limited per day, so NFT will be sold mainly with MOVON token

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you for explaining! So for my last question with MovingOn Finance:

Q9. How will the token launch? Is there any token sale?

Smith William: MOVON token will be launched on PinkSale at 14:00 UTC on May 6, 2022.

Start: 14:00 UTC, May 6, 2022

End: 15:00 UTC, May 9, 2022

MOVON token will be on PancakeSwap at 14:00 UTC on May 10, 2022

Cryptodaily Admin: Ohhhhh. 1 more hour till go time!!

Smith William: Yes, are you ready for it? You can join fair launch here:

Cryptodaily Admin: Oh man I just knew about this then But the ones who are interested in Movon should be ready by now Check it out!! DYOR first!!

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with MovingOn Finance

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Smith William: I am very thankful to everyone who inquired and asked questions about the MovingOn Finance project

Cryptodaily Admin: It’s been a pleasure having you on the BSCDaily community and discussing MovingOn Finance

On behalf of the community, I wish you the best of luck and may the fair launch go better than planned! Take care Smith!

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