MoonWalkers NFT Uses Collaborations to Help Comeback

The latest pair of initiatives are just part of the project’s attempt to right the ship and continue flying to the moon.

MoonWalkers Reignites Community Activity

MoonWalkers NFT is amidst several initiatives to help ignite activity in the project after turmoil following the departure of its lead developer. The project initiated the second phase of its raffle at the beginning of April and also joined with BitPunks NFT for a one-of-one collaboration NFT to reward a single buyer who bought a MoonWalkers before April 24. 

The raffle began on April 4–according to a tweet on April 3––and features an increase in potential prizes. The prizes should make the mouth water of any NFT enthusiast on BNB Chain as MoonWalkers continues to outpace many projects in the ranking on popular marketplaces like NFTKey and Liquid Collectibles. With a floor price of 0.04 BNB, the raffle tickets selling at 0.1 BNB are still a bargain––participants can win some rare NFTs, for example––as well as contribute to the project’s comeback.

“We are proud to have Josef [of Bitpunks] in our community and honored that he was so generous to create a one-of-a-kind Bit Punk Moon Walker to promote secondary sales,” MoonMission, Community Manager, exclusively told BSC News. “These types of collaboration are so important in this space as it not only increases credibility but also gets new eyes on all projects involved.”


MoonWalkers NFT stared down the abandonment of its project and has successfully revived on the back of a strong community. Through collaborations and clever marketing, the project is empowering the BNB Chain NFT industry by showing that even a potentially dead project can come back. Be sure to check out the project’s social media for any upcoming collaborations and further details.

Just a reminder: if you own a MoonWalkers NFT, be sure to migrate it to the new smart contract. The team is working to shift all NFTs to a new contract following the departure of its original developer. 

What is MoonWalkers NFT:

MoonWalkers Club (MWC) is a community-driven crypto ecosystem built on BNB Chain. MWC was founded in October 2021 and faced the departure of its developer in February 2022. MWC sold out its collection of 7,777 hand-painted NFTs and has built a highly engaged community of BNB Chain NFT investors. Stay tuned for an updated website and a new roadmap in the near future.

Where to MoonWalkers NFT:

Twitter | Telegram | NFTKey | LiquidCollectibles |

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