MoonRat: An earnBNB and Anti-Whale Protocol

MoonRat introduces a new kind of reflect reward project that seeks to reward holders in BNB coins against the platform tokens. What better way to earn Binance Coin (BNB) without doing anything extra other than holding MoonRat $MRAT tokens in your wallet.

What is MoonRat?

MoonRat is the first project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network that rewards holders of BNB coin in a frictionless manner. Holders do not have to stake the coin or do anything extra other than hold and claim their BNB weekly or depending on their cycle.

MoonRat is a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi project built on BSC. It focuses on bringing an innovative mechanism to the BSC ecosystem: Earn $BNB just by holding $MRAT token. The project has unique features that make it a complete community-driven project, e.g., the Antiwhale, and is already set for a Certik audit.

Key Features

BNB Passive Earnings


Zero Balance Punishment



Project Components

The project features are quite innovative, created to help maintain the project against the influence of whales, achieve a 100% community-driven platform, and reward users in BNB coin.

BNB Passive Earnings

To earn BNB on the platform is as simple as holding your tokens in your wallet. Simply connect your wallet to the platform website and start earning BNB rewards.

BNB Reflect reward date

According to the details of its Whitepaper, 4% of every transaction is taken and redistributed to $MRAT holders in BNB. Holders will have to wait for approximately a one-week duration before collecting. If you continue to add more than 2% of your $$MRAT balance in this waiting duration, the waiting duration will proportionally add up with the cycle. 

For example, on the first day of your cycle, you add up more than 5% $$MRAT. You have to wait: 5%*7days = 8.4 hours more. That means you can collect BNB after seven days and 8.4 hours.

But if the threshHoldTopUpRate >= 100%, the waiting duration will add up to 7 days.

For example, on the first day of your cycle, you add up more than 100% $MRAT. You have to wait: 7 days more. That means you can collect BNB after 14 days. This will prevent cheaters who try to add more $MRAT at the end of each cycle. 

However, when you sell, it doesn’t affect your cycle. If you collect more than 2 BNB, 20% will be used to buy back $MRAT tokens at market price and burned. This helps keep the price and the tokens stable for the long term.

FAQ about BNB reward

Kindly Note: You can collect the amount of the BNB based on the ratio of $$MRAT you hold/the total BNB pool. So when the total BNB in the reward pool changes, your collectible BNB changes as well.


Sell/buy and transfer orders of more than 0.05% of the total supply will be rejected. This is implemented to protect the holders and help keep the project tokens from the hands of whales, notorious for dumping tokens for their profit.

Whales who make a transfer (between 2 wallets) larger than 0.05% of the total supply will be charged for 2 BNB. These 2 BNB go straight to the BNB reward pool.

Zero Balance Punishment

When you sell all your $MRAT, and you buy back again. Your next collectible cycle will be extended to 50yrs, done to discourage the complete sale of the tokens by holders.

Zero Balance Punishment

To evade this extension, you will have to create a new wallet to connect to the platform for your rewards. Remember you will be charged 10% for transferring your token, so it’s best advised to buy with a new wallet.

Two of the other project features, including NFTs and Gaming, are yet to be deployed. The team is looking at delivering NFT with the Art-come-later model. Further details about the NFT are found HERE and the Gaming HERE.

MoonRat V2

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