Moonpot to Hold Safepal Wallet Holder Offering for 1,000,000 POTS Tokens Airdrop

SafePal teams up with Moonpot to offer a massive airdrop of $POTS tokens.

Moonpot & SafePal Join Forces

Moonpot has partnered with SafePal to host a Wallet Holder Offering for $POTS tokens. A Wallet Holder Offering is SafePal’s unique way to give back to their user base by providing them early access to token airdrops from SafePal partners. The news of the partnership was released July 18th via a recent Twitter post

As of now, SafePal has kicked off a campaign with Moonpot offering 1,000,000 $POTS tokens through an airdrop. Users can claim these rewards from simply participating in the campaign.

Participation for the event is limited to only 20,000 users.  To join, users will need to download the SafePal App and set up a SafePal wallet

Then, users must fulfil the whitelist conditions before 2 AM UTC on July 22. The two whitelist conditions are as follows:

Users must have 300 SPF in their SafePal wallet BEP20 address before the snapshot is taken at 2 AM UTC July 22

Have paired their SafePal wallet with an S1 hardware wallet when the snapshot is taken (2 AM UTC July 22)

Click here to learn more on how to participate. Users can utilize the BSCNews referral code to earn an extra 0.1 share. 

Referral Code: YZAY3Z

What is SafePal?

SafePal is a crypto currency wallet platform/ecosystem. The platform has designed their products to be user friendly and allow for managing assets across blockchain networks including BinanceEthereumTron, etc. 

SafePal was founded in 2018 and offers hardware and software products for crypto enthusiasts. 

SafePal is also a tokenized hardware wallet, meaning that SafePal has their own token, SPF, which functions as a utility token for the SafePal ecosystem. SafePal’s SPF token is native to the Binance Smart Chain

To view SafePal’s 5 star reviewed seed protection device among their other products, click here

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a no-loss lottery protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. The protocol can be best described as a savings account that offers users a chance to win a 20% of a massive lottery each week. 

The best part of Moonpot’s lottery is that users never have to pay to play. They just have to have money staked in a Moonpot savings account.

One may wonder how this is possible, to participate in a lottery without ever paying for it. Moonpot looks to achieve a no-loss lottery through their innovative approach to capitalizing on yield returns in DeFi

Moonpot will pool users’ funds together from savings accounts, strategically revinest them, and offer the returns on said yields as prize money for their lottery. 

This means users’ funds are never at risk of loss due to the lottery feature and users can play the lottery without ever having to pay in money. Moonpot’s innovative idea could prove tremendously powerful in the DeFi space.

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