Moonpot Teases Hard Leather Hardware Wallet with SafePal

Moonpot’s upload sparked a Twitter frenzy, prompting numerous questions from users.

NFT or Leather Hardware Wallet Cover? 

Moonpot gave its users an interesting puzzle to solve on its official Twitter account. The GameFi platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) provoked a social media frenzy after uploading the image of a leather wallet with SafePal’s logo inscribed on it. 

SafePal is a crypto hardware wallet backed by Binance, and Moonpot’s tweet on January 28th suggests that the GameFi platform is cooking something with SafePal. However, while many believe that Moonpot wants to launch a hard leather hardware wallet cover with SafePal,  some users also thought that the image was just another Non-fungible Token (NFT) on Moonpot’s Ziggyverse. 

“I dont say team should rush for what i am gonna ask, but can we get some sneak peaks or some info of how ziggyverse is gonna be and how these nfts would be helpful for our project and users,” a Twitter user asked about Moonpot’s Ziggyverse, believing the image was an NFT. 


The question that lingers in many Moonpot users’ hearts remains if the protocol wants to launch an NFT in partnership with SafePal on Ziggyverse or launch a leather wallet cover for SafePal’s hardware wallet. 

NFT or cover for SafePal Hardware Wallet? | Source

About Moonpot 

Moonpot is a BSC staking project founded by Beefy.Finance. It brings together savings and a lottery scheme in an exciting blend. Users who save any supported asset in Moonpot earn interest on their assets and also get a chance to win a lucrative lottery every week.

To learn more about Moonpot, visit their social handles:

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