Moonpot Outlines Multichain Future

Going multi-chain will provide the platform’s users with more earning opportunities and better profits.

Multi-Chain In View

Lossless lottery protocol, Moonpot, has given a glimpse of its plans to go multi-chain. The protocol started on Binance Smart Chain but is in the process of launching new pools on Polygon and Fantom blockchains. 

Exploring other chains will enable Moonpot to expand to chains offering different fees, lucrative APYs, and other dynamic features. It will also provide users with increased earning options in the form of rewards and prizes. Moonpot announced the plans in a tweet on January 27, answering the call from users:

“Many of you have been asking about Moonpot going multi-chain. Here’s the ‘What, Why and When’ that will shed some light on your main questions for now,” read the tweet.


As the crypto world becomes increasingly multichain, one would have expected that Moonpot would set its sights on more blockchains than just Polygon and Fantom. However, in a blog post on January 27, the team explained the factors that were considered in deciding the expansion:

Moonpot generates returns for users through Beefy Finance vaults. Thus, the chain to be considered has to be supported on Beefy,

The blockchain needs to support the tool which Moonpot uses to draw its lottery winners,

Moonpot loves offering lucrative returns to users and would go for blockchains that offer appealing Annual Profit Yields (APY).

At the moment, we could assume that it’s just Polygon and Fantom that meet the requirements for now. Moonpot is already setting up the smart contracts and putting in place other necessary mechanisms. The team plans to launch Moonpot on the new chains soon.

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a win-win lottery on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with the mission to help as many people as possible grow their assets safely and securely while having fun doing so. Moonpot savings vaults make it simple for anyone to access the bank-beating DeFi interest rates available in crypto. A weekly lottery gives everyone saving via Moonpot the thrill of a possible big win while never putting their deposit at risk.

Where to find Moonpot:

Website | Twitter | Github | Discord | Telegram | YouTube

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