Moonpot NFTS Land in the Ziggyverse in New Style of NFT Pot

The latest moonpot is gearing its user base up for their metaverse by allowing them to win the first Moonpot NFTs.

A Win-Win Protocol On Binance Smartchain

Moonpot introduces the Ziggyverse through the launch of an NFT prized pot on its win-win rewards game protocol.

The first Moonpot NFTs introduced to the Ziggyverse can only be won by staking $POTS, Moonpot’s governance token, in the Ziggyverse NFT pot on their website. The official twitter account of Moonpot announced this through a tweet on November 25, 2021 while attaching a blog post containing more information about the launch. 

“NFT POT LAUNCHED. Stake $POTS, win NFTs. @moonpotziggy travelled through space to find these mysterious engravings…Open book Many stories lie behind these NFTs, but Ziggy will share their findings soon. Stay tuned – this is just the beginning” Moonpot announced on Twitter.


The win-win rewards protocol aims to dip their toes in the GameFi space with the introduction of their first NFT on the Ziggyverse. A total of three hundred NFTs will be won daily for a hundred days to those who choose to invest in this pot.

The NFTs will have three tiers of rarity – Jade, Moonstone, and Gold. Jade will be the more common one with a hundred and fifty pieces to be minted. Moonstone will have a hundred while only fifty pieces of the Gold tier NFT will be minted. Moonpot will also apply a time lock feature to this pot, as with most of their pots, to avoid people abusing their systems.

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a hybrid of a win-win prize game and a savings account built on the Binance Smartchain. Participants choose a pot they want to invest in and this will serve as their ticket to join a raffle where their chance to win a prize also depends on how much they invest. It’s considered a win-win prize game because investors also earn interest when contributing to a pot. The total amount people invest in the pots are pooled together and reinvested in the decentralized financial markets. The project is audited by Certik, a third party auditor that specializes in smart contracts, as a proof of trust to and an extra layer of security for the investor. Read more about this project by visiting their whitepaper

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