Moonpot Launch First Fantom Foundation Pot

The Moonpots has since launched its second Pot alongside Tomb Finance.

Moonpot Lands on Fantom

Everybody’s favorite win-win lottery on BNB Chain has gone cross-chain and integrated its first Fantom Foundation Pots. 

The Moonpot team revealed on March 23 through a tweet that Moonpot Cadets can begin staking the $beFTM token to earn both $beFTM and $POTS tokens––and of course, it wouldn’t be a Moonpot lottery if there wasn’t a chance to win big in the communal lottery! The APY on this first pot is running at 27% with winning prize tickets over $700 USD.

The Fantom action did not stop there either. On March 25, the team announced via Twitter that additional lotteries have launched with the help of Tomb Finance. The prizes from the $TOMB-$FTM staking pools have rewards totalling up to $200,000 USD––a killer offer!

Weso, a lead dev from Beefy Finance, tweeted out to his community for ideas on the next pots to come from the Fantom integrations. He provided several options for users to choose from:

Moonpots continues to provide users with safe and secure ways to earn solid APYs while participating in the famed lotteries. Bringing the fun of Moonpots to the Fantom chain grows the reach of the project and should increase the popularity of the project.

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a win-win lottery on BNB Chain with the mission to help as many people as possible grow their assets safely and securely while having fun doing so. Powered by Beefy Finance, the Moonpot savings vaults make it simple for anyone to access the bank-beating DeFi interest rates available in crypto. A weekly lottery gives everyone saving via Moonpot the thrill of a possible big win while never putting their deposit at risk.

Where to find Moonpot:

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