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Win-win with Moonpot Lottery (Earn Interest)

Spoilers Ahead!

Moonpot has landed on our planet. Mother Earth is happier than ever. It’s time to start your very own Mission Moonpot. Still wondering why? Ah! We’ve got answers. Pretty alluring ones at that.

Spoiler I: 1 in 249 odds per $1000 deposit!!

Yes, Moonpot rewards lucky draw participants with exciting prizes and automatic interest. Investing in Moonpot grants its depositors a chance to win $45,047 in CAKE and BIFI (USD value of prize draw). Your deposits are your risk-free auto-entry tickets allowing Moonpot to award crypto prizes worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you don’t win in their weekly lottery, your deposits still keep on multiplying as payable interest paid on your own assets. The big-money lottery is a unique feature when active, whereas Moonpot is like a savings bank account at other times.

Moonpot & CAKE: The Main Prize-Winning $POTS Combo

Moonpot is the first CAKE win-win lottery to earn $POTS (their native token). Laced with guaranteed prizes and automatic interest, Beefy.Finance powered Moonpot makes every ticket earn exciting interest. This newest addition to the Binance Smart Chain allows you to place CAKE into the CAKE Moonpot (under a 10-day Fairplay Timelock). This lets Beefy.Finance employ their investment strategies for yield farming with your tokens. The profits accrue to you as interest (5% of the interest earned across all Moonpots) and the rest (5% of the platform’s interest) are added to the prize fund. The debuting CAKE Moonpot game went live on July 19 (2021) with CAKE prize and CAKE interest features.

Spoiler II:

Beefy.Finance backs Moonpot. Beefy is one among only three projects selected from 650 submissions for receiving the “quality and reliability on the BSC” award from Binance.

“Moonpot goes beyond the concept of a no-loss lottery,” stated Mooncow from Beefy Finance. He continued, “You don’t pay for tickets like you would in a traditional lottery. And it is a win-win because while your assets are staked, you also earn interest.”

Anti-Manipulation Measures in Moonpot Draws

The Fairplay Timelock is levied to prevent instances of immediate crypto withdrawals after the draw by players. Moonpot wants to keep the game a fairplay for all the earthlings. Remember the Moonpot prizes stem from the collectively generated interest by all the holders. In case you intend to withdraw early (with added-interest), a (10-day reducing) Fairness Fee of 2.5% (maximum) is liable to be paid. Proper mechanisms are put in place to prevent manipulators mingling with the prize draws with negative intentions. Moonpot’s open-source code is the courtesy of the Certik-audited Beefy.Finance team. Moonpot and Beefy are both extensively Certik-audited. Moonpot selects only blue-chip projects and partners to reinforce crypto investors’ confidence. Moonpot protocol uses Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) to ensure a provably fair and verifiable randomness source designed for smart contracts (to pick winners randomly).

Spoiler III:

“The backing of this proven project — which already safely manages over 500m USD of assets — means you can be sure that the code, savings pots, and lottery mechanism are entirely secure and trustworthy. “ – Source:

Stake $POTS in Ziggy’s Pot (Win Rewards)

Moonpot’s native token, $POTS, can be staked in Ziggy’s Pot to earn a pie in the platform’s revenue. When you stake $POTS, your probability to win even more crypto in the Ziggy’s Prize Draw (held regularly) rises manifold. Yet another strong feature of $POTS is that they allow assuming a vital role in Moonpot’s DAO governance model. $POTS holders would be able to submit proposals and vote on vital Moonpot affairs.

Let’s Put to Work the Prize-filled $POTS Now, Shall We?

Go get your CAKE ready to start the Mission Moonpot. Join the Moonpot Community today to suggest a new pot in one of their channels, or join their devs to develop a favorite project. Various available alternatives to connect wallets on are: WalletConnect, TrustWallet, SafePal, MathWallet, and Binance Chain Wallet. The doubt-eliminating Moonpot values are: SAFETY. SIMPLICITY. OPENNESS. WIN-WIN ETHOS. FAIRNESS. FUN. TRUST. No, you don’t need to buy tickets every week to play. But, you should? Why? Here’s why: Guaranteed interest on your assets. 52 weeks = 52 lotteries to win real BIG!

The Moonpot lottery system is ground-breaking, and will no doubt see unprecendented growth due to it’s tremendous value proposition, offering a truly fair, no-lose, lottery system with staking rewards. The DeFi world continues to innovate, and with Moonpot, it just took one step further.








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