MoonPets NFTs Are Dropping

MoonPets NFTs comprise unique pets with different accessories on BNB Chain.

MoonPets Tease NFTs on BNB Chain 

After successfully selling out its MoonPasses, MoonPets is set to launch its native Non-fungible Token (NFT) collection on BNB Chain

MoonPasses guarantee the purchase of MoonPets NFTs. Holders can redeem their Mint Passes for the unique collection. Ahead of the launch, the artist behind the creation, Cecy Meade, teased the collection on Twitter. The designer, who is also part of the team behind the PancakeSquad collection, released a short 6-second clip of what MoonPets would look like.

From the video clip, MoonPets NFTs comprise a variety of pets with different accessories such as glasses, caps/headwears, pet collars and more.

According to the protocol’s website, 5,565 Moon Passes were minted by users. BSC News talked with the MoonPets team for insights into the creation of Moon Passes. While holding them has no added benefits, the team confirmed to BSC News that users would use them to redeem MoonPet NFTs. 

“MoonPasses are redeemable 1 of 1 for our MoonPets NFTs. We did this to gauge the community’s interest and allow us to refine our product before a full release. There are no added benefits to minting a MoonPass, other than being able to redeem it for a MoonPet,” the team disclosed. 

The protocol is yet to release the date for the launch. Nonetheless, BSCNews expects the NFT to attract huge interest following the successful sale of Moon Passes. 

What is MoonPets: 

MoonPets is a new NFT collection coming to BNB Chain. The protocol already launched Moon Passes in the space. These Moon Passes give users safe passage to obtain the NFT collection when they go live. 

Visit the following pages to learn more about the platform:

Website | Twitter | Telegram 

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