Moonpad — Pioneering innovation to bring a clean and developed BSC market

The first Bitcoin launched in 2009 has created a shock in the financial and monetary markets around the world. Since then, the virtual currency ecosystem is flourishing, and thousands of cryptocurrencies have been born. Cryptocurrency has also become an attractive investment channel, attracting millions of people worldwide and has created many billionaires.

Like other investment fields, the cryptocurrency market still has many limitations, making it difficult for new projects to find development space and investors to select and verify good opportunities. Therefore, Moonpad — a new multi-service platform was born to change the backlog limitations, bringing an increasingly transparent and growing BSC ecosystem.

The cryptocurrency market current limitations

Most new cryptocurrency projects face one problem: the cost of listing on exchanges is too high, along with complicated and time-consuming processes and procedures. After pouring capital to build the core technology, not every project can meet this expensive fee. Even after being listed, without a clear development roadmap and good promotion plans, it is difficult for new projects to attract the community’s attention.
Investors also face many difficulties. The majority of Investors only know a new cryptocurrency when it has become famous, has been pushed up in price, and is being acquired by many “Sharks”. At this time, small investors with weak investment psychology can “swing to the top”. The failure to choose the right investment time and the difficulty in accessing potential projects early on have become a significant barrier that makes many investors hesitate to join the cryptocurrency market.

The quality control of projects is also tricky at the moment. Many Investors, even Project Owners, do not understand the safety and security of the cryptocurrencies they create. Vulnerabilities in blockchains that are not fully resolved will be a considerable risk for future development.

Moonpad — create new rules that bring more incredible benefits to all parties involved.

More than just a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Moonpad is a new generation platform — a perfect launchpad for potential projects by providing multi-services, including:


Eliminate all traditional KYC processes; new projects are directly presented about their products for the entire Moonpad community to vote. With this voting rule, the process of choosing a project to be listed or not will become much more transparent and simple. This also gives investors more decision-making power and early access to potential projects. Buying at the ICO price will help Investors earn huge profits and minimize risks.

Projects that join Moonpad and are listed will also be supported with audits, advice on product completion, and a comprehensive development roadmap. With the lowest funding cost in the market, Moonpad promises to become a powerful launchpad for all new projects.


Auditing for cryptocurrencies is an important process, and Moonpad is ready to provide this service for all projects. Moonpad owns new in-depth auditing technology built with the following 3 rigorous testing steps:

1. Manual line-by-line code reviews to ensure the logic behind each function is sound and safe from common attack vectors

2. Simulation of hundreds of parent of interactions with your Smart Contract on a test blockchain using a combination of automated test tools and manual testing to determine if any security vulnerabilities exist.

3. Consulting with the team to implement recommendations and resolve any outstanding issues, then boiling down results and findings into an easy-to-read report to highlight any risks that exist to the project or its users.


The best support for potential projects and Investors, Moonpad will establish Moonpad Capital Investment Fund in Q4/2021. With an existing fundraising platform, rigorous audit services and a leadership team with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry, MoonpadCapital Fund will be the first investment fund in the world capable of project appraisal, upgrading supporting good projects to quickly develop, affirming their foothold in the BSC market. This self-trading activity will also help direct investors’ capital to promising projects, thereby bringing higher profits.

With outstanding advantages and a long-term development roadmap in the future, Moonpad is receiving significant support from the investor community. Topics of discussion about this project are dense on social networks and community chat groups with members up to tens of thousands of people.

Not only that, there have been many famous YouTubers in the digital field who have shared highly positive comments about the Moonpad platform. This super project has kicked off and started focusing on building decentralized funds and IDOs.


Moonpad aims to become the leading ecosystem launcher on BSC, but will provide additional features right after launch to provide convenience to users. That helps create an equal position between all parties, regardless of how much money they have or what kind of relationship what connections they have.

The future of cryptocurrency is Moonpad and the clean, fair Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. So are you ready to head to the digital future with this fantastic project?


Source : bscdaily

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