MoonNation – A Look Behind the Scenes

MoonNation founder Ben Todar is leading the development of a platform that bridges the gap between gaming and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Changed Everything

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most trending developments we’ve seen in a while. The blockchain module of transactions has completely changed the way we see trade and commerce. Each day a new token is being launched into the already booming crypto world to make history and huge profits. Among the popular cryptocurrencies, one project that has gained attention is MoonNation. MoonNation is a giant space-based role-playing game created on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with Moon Nation Game (MNG) as its native token. 

MoonNation Concept

The concept behind their revolutionary idea to bridge the gap between crypto and trading came from Ben Todar. Todar, the CEO of MoonNation, has an ambitious and hardworking team of professionals, including Kain Howarth, the Marketing Manager, and Advertising Head; Jay, the Director of Technology; Zyral Lozada, the professional Graphic Designer; and Joseph Roman, the Community Manager. Together, the team launched the MoonNation.

The team is a close-knit group of master traders and passionate people who have years of experience in the fields of cryptocurrency, marketing, gaming, technology, and cybersecurity.  

About Ben Todar

Ben Todar, the man behind this company, has an exciting story about his journey to success. Like most of us, he belonged to a middle-class family and was a bright student. But, unlike most of us, he was keen to pursue entrepreneurship from a young age. After completing his primary and secondary schooling, he was admitted to a college to learn more about economics, trade, marketing, political science, and business. His learning and hard work bore fruit when he received a degree in International Marketing from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

After he graduated, he went to fulfill his dreams. Soon after some time he happened to open a restaurant. This was his first venture that he started in 2016 instead of applying for jobs. His knowledge in marketing and business helped him pull customers to his store. 

Within a few months, his business was a success, claiming the best takeaway in the UK award. Soon Todar had a new dream, and therefore, after some years, he launched his own crypto project, the Moon Nation.

His ethical thinking, decision-making, and good nature have benefitted him in the crypto space. He can quickly adapt to different situations, and is capable of helping himself when he is facing difficulty.

Todar and MoonNation

Todar looked over the entire making, innovation, and development of the coin. His ability to read the markets and their movements have helped make his ventures a success. Being a learned crypto trader, his investment knowledge was built upon a background in OTC stock trading, and he is always looking for its expansion. 

Today, Todar strives to inspire even more confidence by seeking out a complete audit of the $MNG smart contract from the experienced blockchain developers at TechRate. This has helped confirm the token’s longevity, reliability, and technical design. 

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