MoonLift’s Passive Income Generator ($MLTP) Now Launched

The Binance Smart Chain project continues to add to their product, making them an intriguing platform for investors looking for a passive income token for their portfolio.

Introducing MoonLift

MoonLift, the passive income generator based on the Binance Smart Chain, has launched its native token $MLTP via PancakeSwap, with trading pools now available. The platform covers a spectrum of services for anyone who seeks to make passive income from crypto. MoonLift has set out to create diversified and innovative financial products that will make profiting from decentralized finance as simple as possible, lowering the barriers to entry and inviting new users into the sector.


The Launch in Recap

The PancakeSwap listing has made passive income a reality for all MLTP holders. Trading is available on the following pairs: BUSD/MLTP and BNB/MLTP. Liquidity has been added, and the team has mentioned slippage must be set between 6-11% due to the deflationary mechanism. MoonLift would like to thank their community for their support to date and upon listing.

The Dream

Passive income has long been the greatest dream of mankind, but from the earliest days of civilization and money, passive income was a dream that only a few could realize. The rest of humanity was only free to look on with jealousy and to hope for better days due to a lack of opportunity. Now MoonLift is striving to change that, with the key to their success being the $MLTP token and its tokenomicsl.

MoonLift’s $MLTP Token

At a glance, the tokenomics of MoonLift seem similar to those of SafeMoon, but with a smaller circulation supply. MoonLift’s smaller supply is designed to be profitable for token holders, with transaction fees paid back directly to them.

Every buy transaction of $MLTP MoonLift takes a 5% fee, while every sell transaction incurs a 10% fee. The collected fees are then paid back to $MLTP token holders. The fees are paid to token holders in the following ratios:

50% goes back to the token holders, and is automatically distributed to their wallets. Users don’t need to do anything, just simply hold the tokens to earn profits.

25% is automatically restored into LPs. This is done to create a floor in liquidity on both PancakeSwap and SushiSwap.

15% is burned by the team. Burned tokens are gone forever and will never come back into circulation. This creates heavy token deflation, an important mechanism for yield-based projects.

10% will go back to the MoonLift protocol wallet. These tokens will be used for marketing and rewards, although some tokens may also be burned.

MoonLift is Officially Safe For Use

MoonLift has passed a code security audit by Hacken. The group found that MoonLift had 0 vulnerabilities, as checked with both manual and automatic testing methods.

A list of vulnerabilities MoonLift was checked for

The audit categorized our MoonLift’s contracts as “well-secured,” the highest grade achievable.

Additional Liquidity Rewards

MoonLift provides a variety of benefits for users. One of the additional ways in which MoonLift helps members is by rewarding them for providing liquidity. As we previously covered, 25% of transaction fees are paid into the liquidity pool. From here part of that liquidity will be earmarked for users based on their total contribution to the pool. MoonLift used the following use case example to explain pool rewards:

Richie has been providing liquidity on BUSD/MLTP for 3 months. Richie wants to finally use his savings for a purchase, so he chooses to retrieve his funds.

At the time of withdrawal, the Liquidity Pool created through the tax fees on trading has a current value of $1 million (hypothetically!)

Richie withdraws his funds and he obtains a bonus equal to a percentage of the original pool he extracts from. If Richie owns 1% of the general pool he is retrieving his funds from, he will also be entitled to 1% of the automatically added liquidity until that moment.

With a hypothetical automatic liquidity of $1 million dollars, Richie will receive $10,000 worth of Liquidity Pool tokens as a bonus.

Further Community Rewards (Burn Event)

On May 26th, the launch date of MoonLiift, the projects’ busy group was hit by a phishing scam which enticed some eager members of their community to send tokens to a phishing token address with fake MoonLift tokens. Although this was completely outside of the control of MoonLift, the developing team were saddened that some community members lost out and mistakenly sent funds to the wrong address.

As a measure of goodwill from the developing team, the company announced they would be manually burning 10% of the total MLTP in existence. From a total original supply of 100 billion MLTP, the new figure is now 90 billion MLTP. You can find the $MLTP Burn Transaction here.


Name: MoonLift Protocol

Ticker: MLTP

Total Supply: 100,000,000,000

Seed Sale: 10,000,000,000 $MLTP at $0,00006 (SOLD OUT)

Seed Sale MarketCap: $600,000

Token Release Schedule Seed Sale: 25% at launch followed by 25% each month for the next 3 months.


While the project launches with a strong token model and incentives, the MoonLift team will not be resting on the laurels of their achievements. The team has provided an ambitious roadmap for the year which includes a MoonLift DEX and NFT marketplace.

Q2 2021

Launch MoonLift Protocol website

Minting $MLTP tokens and creation smart contracts

Audit Smart Contracts, DEX contracts, …

Launch Seed Sale

Launch marketing program

Listing PanCakeSwap and SushiSwap

Launch of the $MLTP LP Staking & Reward Program

Listing $MLTP on CoinMarketCap, Delta, Blockfolio and CoinGecko

Q3 2021

Release MoonLift DEX on Binance Smart Chain

Integration Auto Investment Fund on the MoonLift DEX

Listing $MLT on several Binance Smart Chain DEX providers

Introduction $MLTP based governance token

AMM Token Release

Q4 2021

Creation MoonLift NFTs package

Integration NFT marketplace on MoonLift DEX

Listing $MLT token on CEX

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