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The release of their exchange is another reason to keep tabs on this premier Binance Smart Chain protocol.

MoonLift Prepares For Takeoff

MoonLift is preparing for the most important phase in its history so far, as the project nears the launch of the MoonLift Decentralized Exchange (DEX). With the launch of the DEX now imminent, the launch marks a shift in the project as it grows out of its infancy and into maturity.

What is MoonLift?

MoonLift is a passive income generator based on Binance Smart Chain. The mission of MoonLift is to grow and become the #1 passive income generator on BSC, with products created with a view to make earning as easy and simple as possible. While the community MLTP token has been live for some time now, trading on other BSC exchanges such as PancakeSwap, the launch of MoonLift DEX is a significant leap forward for the project.

The MoonLift DEX and More

According to the team behind MoonLift, the MoonLift DEX is not just another carbon copy exchange built to mimic the features and functions of what is already on the market. Instead, MoonLift intends to push back the boundaries on what is possible in the sector. 

When we spoke co-Founder and Marketing Strategist Richie, about what users can expect from the new DEX, he commented on the driving goals of the DEX.

Richie said, “We know there are many exchanges out there and we did research on what we believe would make us unique and what is missing on other DEXs.”

Following that research the team behind MoonLift came up with a truly unique user interface for the DEX and one which sets them apart from the crowd.

The distinctive visual style of MoonLift will help to set it apart

From the images that the MoonLift team provided, a number of other features as displayed on the left hand menu can be predicted – effectively teasing the community with a number of important developments. After the launch of the DEX the company will set about integrating various functions in a step by step process which will allow features to bed in properly.

Some of the products to be launched in the upcoming tranche of updates include standard farming, NFT staking, SuperNova!, Esports, play and earn, tournaments, governance and the long awaited auto investment fund.

SuperNova Staking

One of the areas which is sure to create curiosity among the MoonLift community is the “SuperNova!” concept which allows participants to stake the native token of the protocol, MLTP, and receive rewards in the form of a multitude of other tokens. External projects will contribute tokens to participate in the pool and once accepted will join the SuperNova pool.

The SuperNova concept

A Second Token

Besides the SuperNova concept MoonLift has some other plans that they hope will generate some excitement within the community. Chief among these is the intention to release a secondary token. It will only be possible to acquire this secondary asset by using MoonLift products. Once acquired, this second token can then be used to interact with the much anticipated auto investment fund.

As Richie explains, “This will be a unique product where people will be able to earn tokens from our incubated projects that still need to launch. You might compare it to the Binance launch pool but it won’t be for IDOs. People will be able to get tokens for free by staking the secondary token, creating zero barriers between small and big investors.”

A Whole MoonLift Ecosystem

The next iteration of the MoonLift protocol will see a whole new ecosystem emerge, one in which MoonLift will work with key partners to develop and build out the offerings of the protocol as well as incubate new projects. One of the key partners which MoonLift has already identified and reached an agreement with is Whichbwe.


While MoonLift has already demonstrated an aptitude for creating novel products within the DeFi sector, the latest suite of updates from the team are the most important to date. The MoonLift DEX witnesses a project that is raising its game considerably, and will hopefully lift MoonLift that little bit closer to the moon.

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