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MoonLift is a community driven passive income generation protocol

All questions answered by D

Lola(AMA HOST): Can the Team member from Moonlift Protocol say hi?

Don T: Hi Lola, Pleased to be here.

Lola(AMA HOST): Hi T.

We are honored to have you here as our guest 😊

Don T: The pleasure is all mine, I am grateful to be here.

Lola(AMA HOST): How are you doing today?

Don T: I am doing well. It’s a sunny day where I am located so life is bright. How are you?

Lola(AMA HOST): Haha!

I’m fine too.

The First session is starting up now. 

Shall we start 😊

Don T: I am ready when you are.

Lola(AMA HOST): I am ready too.

This is the second AMA we will be having with you.

So we will go into the main questions straight

Q1. Will there be Staking platform in Moonlift Protocol? And when will this come up?

Don T: Yes, there will be a staking option. Individuals will be able to stake their MLTP and earn a part of the transaction fees by just holding it in their wallet. This is an inherent part of our tokenomics design, which is meant to reward long-term holders. We focused on the ease of use, direct receiving of rewards, without complicated staking contracts. This will become live tomorrow when we release our token on Pancake Swap, tomorrow at 16:00 UTC.

Lola(AMA HOST): Wow! That’s great. I’ll be joining in the sale tomorrow too. Can’t wait 😅

Q2. Please tell us what MoonLift project is looking to achieve.

Don T: Destination… the moon, right? Memes and jokes aside,  Moonlift protocol wants to become the go-to place for passive income generation through community participation.

So in this sense, we want to create a strong community that can self-regulate its liquidity generation by means of strong tokenomics design.

Lola(AMA HOST): Great.

Q3. What are the trading platforms in Moonlift and How can users participate?

Don T: I’m not too sure about where you can trade Moonlight 😉 

Moonlift protocol will, however, be initially launched on Pancake Swap tomorrow. We plan on launching on Sushiswap little after that, but because we believe Pancake Swap is more user friendly, we chose to focus on that one for the beginning.

Users will be able to trade MLTP with both BUSD and BNB. 

Lola(AMA HOST): Haha. That was a typographical error. Edited

Q4. Moonlift will launch in about a day, what should investors expect? And investors/users can trade with BUSD and bnb. Is there any difference? Because investors rather use Bnb instead of Busd most times.

Don T: Moonlift will launch in about 26 hours to be precise, at 18:00 CET / 16:00 UTC. 

What investors can expect is a lot of people waiting anxiously to buy their first MLTP, just like them. Our telegram community is above 5 thousand individuals and we get constant requests for when the public sale will start. 

I am personally excited. I guess everyone else should be, too. 

Ultimately there will not be any difference between BNB and BUSD, although I believe that BUSD will be the main trading spot at the very beginning and BNB will receive liquidity shortly after.

Lola(AMA HOST): I’m excited too. 

We can’t wait to buy MLTP

Q5. How did you come about Moonlift Protocol? Was there something that triggered creating this Project?

Don T: I joined Moonlift Protocol as a team member about a month ago. I was part of the seed investor group before that, when a good friend of mine highlighted the project to me. 

So what happened is that I saw big potential in Moonlift and I simply applied to work for the core developing team, like any other work application, since a position as brand and content writer was available. 

I obviously cannot speak about the foundation process as I was not part of the team at that time, but I believe the co-founders were looking to pool their energies and resources acquired in years of working in the crypto space and make something big together.

Q6. Why do you think the Community should invest in this Project? What makes you better than the other Projects out there?

Don T: As always, the usual disclaimer, this is not financial advice. Another meme, but it’s always good to state it again. Everyone should make their own research on the project they choose to invest in. 

My take, both as a teammember and as someone who has stakes in the company, is that the team has proven time and time again their commitment to transparency. I think this is THE single thing that separates us the most from other projects. Teammembers are doxxed, every action taken so far has been communicated to the community… in the rugging climate of the 2021 cryptoworld, I think this is a breath of fresh air.

Lola(AMA HOST): Wow! That’s great. I really love your outspokenness

Don T: Thank you, you’re too kind.

Q7. As we all know marketing in a project is essential, and gives an edge to a Project Future. Are there any Marketing plans? When and where will it take place?

Don T: In the team we have, Marketing is one of the strongest skills and abilities that we possess. We grew in an almost exponential fashion over the last weeks. 

As I mentioned, our community grew to almost 5500 Telegram members and over 3600 twitter followers without the token being live. Meaning we must’ve been doing something right when it comes to community outreach and getting the project’s name out there. 

We have recently got in touch with a third party to further extend our marketing efforts, but since this collaboration is still in early stage I cannot say much yet about its results. But I am confident things will keep moving forward at the pace we have set, everyone in the team is working very hard. 

Lola(AMA HOST): That’s quite impressive.

Q8. Where do you See Moonlift Protocol in 5 years?

Don T: In 5 years… in the world of uncertainty that we live in now, everything is possible. If I look at the type of commitment that is coming from the development team and at the type of quality work we have delivered so far, I see Moonlift as a worldwide success.

Time will tell… 

Lola(AMA HOST): Sure Time will tell. I believe in this Project too.😊

Q9. What are the major challenges of Moonlift and how do you intend to solve them?

Don T: I think the biggest challenge in the crypto-sphere is that of establishing a sense of trust and community among the people that believe in the project. Because of the inherent risks involved with finance in general and even more so in crypto projects, I think people are bound to be skeptical about where to place their hard earned funds. 

I guess the only way out of this, like any other relationship, is to be committed to develop it, be consistent day in and day out with our transparency, so that a sense of trust can be built over time.

Q10. Share with us all the links about Moonlift, so that readers can find out more and also follow the development of the project.

Don T: Here you go. 

MoonLift Protocol Website:

MoonLift Protocol Twitter:

MoonLift Protocol Telegram:

MoonLift Protocol Instagram

Q11. Lastly our favourite question, do you have any alpha or juicy news for us in BSC News today?

Don T: I think the juciest news I have I already mentioned part of in a previous question. 

We have been in touch with a third party marketing provider to target a market that we don’t have language fluency for.

On top of this, we are now entering in contact with a bigger network and looking to tie some strategic partnerships that I can’t say more about simply because negotiations are at a very early stage.

Lola(AMA HOST): Thanks for your answers T.

We’re done with the first session now

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