Moonkat Finance AMA Recap hosts Moonkat Finance: a community-driven project built on Binance Smart Chain which ensures that holders of $MKAT are entitled to receive BNB through the community pool system. You don’t have to do anything to Earn BNB, just hold $MKAT in your wallet.

BSCdaily – Admin: Hello and welcome to BSC Daily, @simbamoon @cryptoLord44!! How is your day?

Meowsie: Hi. We are doing great. Thank you for hosting us

simba: Awesome. Thanks for hosting us. Yours?

BSCdaily – Admin: Awesome, I’m really excited to learn more about MoonKat in this AMA session. Ready to start our AMA guys?

simba: Let’s do it

Q1: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your team? What are your past experiences?

simba: First of all, thanks for the opportunity to start our AMA with this question, this is what determines the success of any project, the people who are involved

Our team is made up of 4 professionals who are enthusiastic about crypto currencies. Currently we have 2 developers that work on all our technical aspects, smart Contract, Website and DApp,

We have our lead marketer, we also have a creative designer that helps provide innovative designs to keep us going forward. Most of the team members have been around the crypto space for no less than 5 years.

Personally, I’m known as Simba, I’m not just a creator but an innovator

However I have not launched any public projects in this space because I wanted to be certain I have the right team first, so this marks my first, especially at this scale but every member of my team has experience of no less than 6 years in their respective field.

Alongsides me today is my co-founder and lead marketer @cryptolord44

Meowsie: Hi, I am known in the community as Meowsie

So happy to be here to talk about Moonkat Finance

I’m a data analyst, digital marketer and a blockchain enthusiast , been in the crypto space for over 5 years. We are excited to be building the next generation of Defi with our superb use case.

BSCdaily – Admin: Data analyst, digital marketer and blockchain enthusiast all at once!?

BSCdaily – Admin: Everyone on MoonKat’s team appears to be not only skilled in their own fields, but also capable of wearing multiple hats

Meowsie: That’s right

Q2: Wonderful, could you kindly explain what Moonkat is in a nutshell?

simba: Moonkat is a next generation defi built on Binance Smart chain to reward token holders in $BNB while increasing in both liquidity and value, it does this by applying a 5% tax per transaction  (buy/sell/transfer).

Q3: Why did your team decide to build Moonkat?

simba: Good question

We want to solve the biggest problem challenging most defi projects which is inflation and also we believe we can provide a much better user experience through our DApp which will in turn lead to mainstream adoption, not just for already existing crypto enthusiasts but the world at large.

You can also check our articles on this for more light: 

Q4: Taking a closer look into your token $MKAT. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

simba: Sure. Here’s the link: 

Q5: Can you also share with us some of $MKAT use cases? What benefits will the $MKAT holders receive?

simba: Anybody that holds $MKAT can claim BNB weekly  through the DApp located on our website. Users don’t have to lock up their tokens to claim their rewards in contrast to the staking model used by most defi platforms. This makes our model  not just safe and secure but lesser fee.

Q6: Can you explain how exactly do $MKAT holders earn $BNB?

simba: You can claim your amount of BNB based on the ratio of of $MKAT you hold/the total BNB pool

For example, you hold 0.1% of $MKAT, you can withdraw 0.1% of the BNB reward pool. That simple

Q7: What differentiates MoonKat from its competitor, if any?

simba: I’m proud to say whether it’s our website, our DAPP or our smart Contract, they’ve been written from scratch by us, our smart Contracts have been compiled with the most secure Version available.

We also have an NFT generator to be released in 3rd quarter, where users will be able to mint NFT backed by real-world product, while I can’t provide much information on it right now, but I promise it’s going to be a game-changer

Q8: So what can we expect from MoonKat in the next 6 months?

simba: our future development will follow our roadmap as show cased on our website: 

Q9: Can you tell us when is the IDO or any other fundraising initiative planned? And what are the criteria to be met to participate?

simba: we currently onboarding strategic investors for our  private sale scheduled for tomorrow 1st June 2pm UTC,

Anyone can join the wait list and get a chance to get $MKAT at 40% discount from the presale price: 

The presale will come up on 7th June which we intend to use a top tier launchpad but I can’t reveal much till partnerships have been sealed.

For more information on the token sale

BSCdaily – Admin: What’s the hard cap of the Private Sale round?

simba: 66 $BNB

BSCdaily – Admin: Will the $MKAT token be unlocked immediately after purchase? or do you have a vesting schedule for the private round’s early investors?

simba: 50% will be unlocked at  launch and 50% will be released 1 month after

BSCdaily – Admin: How many % of $MKAT tokens out of 100% will be sold in the private sale round tomorrow?

simba: 2.5% only and 7.5% will be sold on pre-sale, we starting with an initial Market cap of $65,300

Q10: Where can we find out more about Moonkat?

simba: below are our important links

Telegram Announcements: 

Telegram Community: 


Medium : 



simba: That would be all for now… Thank you BSC daily for having us on board and may I add you’ve got an awesome Community, see you guys at the moon

Meowsie: Great community BSCdaily

BSCdaily – Admin: It was a pleasure having you guys. Thank you so much for spending time with our community & all the very best for Moonkat Finance.

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