Moon Nation Game Aims to Shake Up GameFi

The Moon Nation Game Team looks to be one of the first projects to bring the Full PC Gaming experience to blockchain.

Next Gen Blockchain Game

Moon Nation Game, a GameFi project on Binance Smart Chain, aims to shake up the GameFi space by introducing the next generation gaming experience on the blockchain platform.

The official twitter account of Moon Nation Game pointed out some limitations of the current GameFi landscape in a twitter thread tweeted on December 28. The Moon Nation Game Team aims to bring the full PC gaming experience to the blockchain gaming space.

“Moon Nation is the first example of a game that is both a proper action PC title while also being blockchain enabled. Blockchain games are no longer rare in the present market, but these games lack in scope and functionality compared to typical triple-A titles.” Moon Nation Game boldly tweeted.


One common critique of blockchain games in the current market is how different it feels compared to the traditional games that gamers are used to playing. GameFi projects seem to be more simple in gameplay and its earning potential, rather than its gameplay, is what attracts users to play the game. The Moon Nation Game looks to differentiate itself from other GameFi projects as it competes by bringing the full PC gaming experience built on Binance Smart Chain.

“All modern blockchain games have limited themselves to genres that are small and contained, like mobile games, point-and-click, or indie games.” Moon Nation Game continued in a twitter thread. “Moon Nation is proud to provide a true blockchain game (thanks to the power of Moon Nation Bridge) while also offering a full PC-gaming experience like any traditional multiplayer RPG.”

What Is Moon Nation?

The Moon Nation is a GameFi project that aims to be the biggest game ever brought on to Binance Smart Chain. It wants to be a platform where gamers swap their $MNG, or Moon Nation Game Token, to the native currencies of the blockchain supported, multiplayer space role playing game. Staking their $MNG grants holders access to the game. Learn more by reading their whitepaper or visiting their website.

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